To go inside or go insane

Jul 13th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Today has been a very strange day. Kay’s mother is in town, so Kay took our son and her mother to western MA yesterday. I’ve been alone all day, which has enabled me to be very productive… but it’s a very weird feeling, being in the house all by myself all day. For some reason I feel guilty, but I don’t know what about.

All editing is done. *Whew!*

I’ve heard back from just about everyone too. We have a couple editorial choices to be hammered out; in the meantime I’m putting together the print edition. I’d hoped to have it finished by now, but that just wasn’t possible. But, we should still be pretty well on track.

WorldCon is becoming increasingly real in my mind, which means I’m getting more and more excited at the chance to meet/talk to some awesome folks in the biz. WorldCon will be a bit strange for us this year, since (for the first time) we’re going both as crazed fans and for “business”. Actually, two contributors to Issue 9 (The cover artist Brianna Wu & her husband Frank, who contributed to the art, and author Walter Hunt, who wrote us an article on Alternate History). It was really bizarre to read the announcement for the “Stroll with the Stars” event and notice that Frank Wu is one of the “stars”.

Oh, and a quick reminder for anyone planning on submitting to issue 10: “Child Fiction” is not the same thing as “Children’s”!

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