To Squee or Not to Squee

Apr 29th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Now that the next few covers are on their way, I have torn myself off the Hunt for Cover Artists and placed myself on the Hunt for Non-Fiction Contributors.  This poses a similar, but amplified set of desirable problems for me.

We’ve had some excellent non-fiction contributions in the past (most recently Piers Anthony wrote a splendid article for our SFF Humor issue!), and we have some very interesting non-fiction slated for the next couple of issues already, but the time has come for me to land a few more articles and interviews.  The fun part is that this is my opportunity to contact experts in all sorts of different fields and engage them in a little speculative discourse.  Many of those experts are agents, editors, and writers whom I admire.  In other words, this is the part where I get to email creative people I’m already a fan of, and invite them to contribute to Crossed Genres.

This is where we arrive at the question, “To squee or not to squee?”  For example, I adore Piers Anthony’s work.  On the other, I didn’t want to freak him out with my fannish delight.  I had to play it cool.  I’m sure it was obvious to him that I am a fangirl, but the request I sent him wasn’t about that, so I tried to maintain a little professional distance.  Not that it was easy.  His novels filled days and days of my youth with fun and a wealth of wordplay that I am still enriched by today.  But the important thing, from a business perspective, was that I wanted something from him for the magazine, so I need to present myself as a credible editor rather than an incredible fan.  When I make first contact with potential future contributors, I will write with the knowledge that in such things it is best to be personable rather than making it personal.

I can always send fanmail later.  😉

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