Today is better than yesterday: A resolution to the lost books

Oct 20th, 2010 | By | Category: CG Blog

At about 5 pm today I received a phone call from a representative at Createspace, in response to the Science in My Fiction books that were lost. This was kind of surprising in and of itself, since Createspace doesn’t make a phone number readily available – most communication has to go through email.

The woman who called (I believe she said her name was Selina) told me that she was putting through an immediate reorder for the 80 books that were damaged/lost. They would be printed right away and shipped overnight delivery. She estimated that they should be in our hands no later than early next week. She even said that if I had any further problems I should “feel free to call us back”.

Obviously this is a huge relief for us. The best USPS was able to offer was the address of their mail recovery center in Atlanta, where I was offered to write (not email or phone… I’d have to use a stamp to communicate with them!) and see if the missing books had been sent there, and claim them. Huge, huge props to Createspace for their friendly, efficient and no-hassle response.

We’ll keep everyone updated on the status of the replacement books. Thank you everyone for your comments and offers of support!

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  1. Excellent news!

  2. All right! Good to hear!

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