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May 31st, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog, News & Announcements

Or rather, tomorrow the Release Day! But today, help us – and our son Bastian – celebrate Imagination! Today ONLY (Sunday, May 31), on Bastian’s 3rd birthday, give the gift of a (cheap) subscription to Crossed Genres. For one day only, for just $7.50 you can buy a coupon to give to a friend or loved one, good for a free 1-year subscription to Crossed Genres! More details on the Celebrate Imagination page!

Yesterday (meaning Saturday) was another “tying up loose ends” day. I finished up a couple of the webpages… the new “Current Genre” page specifically, plus touching up one or two others. Plus there was more Project Wonderful stuff. We also read a bit more from the Issue 8 submissions. They continue to come in, and we’re approaching last month’s totals. Not sure if we’ll match it, but it’ll be close – we always get a few submissions on the last day of the month. I also did a bunch of final prep for the aforementioned sale!

A lot of time today was spent preparing for Baz’s party too. Fortunately we knew this was coming so we’d gotten most of the issue sorted early so we’d have time. There will be LOTS of ice cream, and cake and pizza and soda and possibly at least one diabetic coma. Bastian will be overstimulated from the party and people and hopped up on sugar. It’ll be a blast!

If you’re so inclined, we’d love for people to help celebrate Baz’s birthday, wherever you are! Between 10am and noon US Eastern time on Sunday, eat some ice cream in honor of Baz! Leave a comment that you did to let us know! And if you want, send a picture of your ice cream gorging to and I’ll post them!

Oh yeah, we have an issue coming out too, or something. Right. Well, I’ll talk about that in tonight’s post.

Coming up next: FUN!

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