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Now that we’ve closed submissions on our first year of issues, I went and counted up our Fiction submission totals. I found some very interesting things about our Male/Female submission ratios.

These numbers disregard submissions that weren’t ever under consideration – i.e. submissions that were too long/too short, or were withdrawn by the writer before we got to them. Also disregarded are submissions for which the author’s gender wasn’t given (there were only 13 of these all year).

Amazingly, of the remaining viable submissions, 50.23% of them came from men, and 49.77% from women. Less than one-half of 1% separating the two.

And yet… of the 66 stories we’ve published (or will have) in our first 12 issues, 62.12% of those published stories were written by women (37.88% by men).

At no point do we make decisions of what to publish based on the gender of the writer. We take what we feel are the strongest, most interesting stories that match the month’s genre. Sometimes that means the numbers get skewed one way or the other. For example, our 4th issue had 5 stories by men and 1 by a woman, while the LGBTQ issue will have 1 written by a man and 9 by women. In the case of the LGBTQ issue, this was helped along by the fact that over 70% of the submissions we received were from women. But on the other hand, the 11th issue had 73% of submissions from men, but the breakdown was 3/2, Men/Women.

Basically the gist of it is: I don’t think it means anything. There’s plenty of variation from month to month, and the overall percentage for accepted submissions compared to percentage received isn’t much different considering it’s such a small scale. (I’m still amazed at how close the M/F submissions ratio was.)


Phew. So much going on!

I lost track of how many rejection emails I sent tonight. I didn’t even finish – I had other things I had to get done. Damn, we got a lot of submissions this month!

A nice guy in Australia ordered a copy of our first issue (only about 50 copies left!), but for some reason our website charged him the cost of the copy, the shipping fee… and an extra $7 “handling” cost. The handling cost was not supposed to be there. I think I’ve figured it out now so it won’t happen again. At any rate, I refunded him the excess, and mailed the copy. If anyone out there has experienced something similar: Handling charge = bullshit, if you got charged for one please let me know!

Early this morning I uploaded the last pieces of the issue 12 Print test, and submitted it. As has been the case lately, the printer turned it around remarkably fast: Submitted at 9:26, approved for proof ordering at 11:03. Proof ordered at 11:22 am, and shipped at 6:52 pm. If only everything in life was so efficient. Now we just have to hope that it looks good.

Editing is happening… slowly. Of course, since we’re waiting for the first proof we’re not particularly rushed, but we still need to get it done and back to the writers asap. That’s one of two things I’ll be focusing on tomorrow. The other: I’m reading a novel submission. We requested the whole novel based on the initial 10-page submission, and Kay loved it. I’ve only just started, but so far I’m pretty impressed.

We’ve also gotten a few submissions for Issue 13 – not too many yet, but enough that I sent off the first batch to our slush readers. It’s the first time we’ve sent stories out like that, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

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