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Aug 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

We have very little time today to work directly on actual issues of CG today; it was our last non-work day before we leave for WorldCon so we had to make the most of our time to get ready. We went shopping, we packed, we cleaned. We got a lot done.

The main issue-related things today involved emails. We sent a few out to contributors and people we hope will contribute to future issues. I’ve still only heard back from 2 of the authors about our accepting their stories; I’m going to assume that it’s the fault of the weekend, and hope to hear from the rest tomorrow.

We did, however, hear back from 2 people, both in the affirmative, about nonfiction content; 1 article and 1 interview. That was something of a relief, since we weren’t entirely sure about the nonfiction content for Issue 11 and there’s less than a month left. We’re still waiting to hear back from one more person whom we would VERY much like to have for the issue, but even without, it would still be some great content.

Oh, there was one other thing – we got the final version of the Issue 10 cover art! Oh it is brilliant. LOVE it. Prior to today I’d only seen the pencils, so I didn’t have clear in my head the colors and shading, and the perspectives weren’t completely in focus. Now, seeing the polished, completed version, I’m floored. Just terrific work.

Tomorrow will be a ton more prep, but I’m hoping to get editing done on the Issue 10 nonfiction; I had hoped to get the nonfic done before the end of July, but there just wasn’t time. I think it’s pretty likely that we probably won’t get to most of the editing until we get back from our trip (getting any of it done there will be tricky), so we’ll probably power-edit once we get back. Still should be okay for getting the issue ready for Release Day.

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