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Jul 6th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

That is, what a week coming up. This will be the week we have to bust our butts to get ahead. It’s especially important because of WorldCon, which we leave for one month from today! We want to take copies of the latest issue (that’ll be Issue 9, Alternate History) with us. One of the contributors, author Walter Hunt, will be there. (We met Walter at last year’s WorldCon in Denver.)

The big news is, we finished reading everything ! We’ve made our selections; we’re still a bit back-and-forth about including a 6th piece of fiction, but we’ve got 6 we can’t seem to narrow down any further and I think we’ll end up taking them all. I’ve emailed a few of the writers, but not all of them. I’ll get to the others tomorrow.

Since we’ve got it narrowed down, we’ll start in on the editing tomorrow. We’re going to focus almost exclusively on that to get it done faster; we really need to get the Print edition completed quickly, so we have time to order the proof, receive and approve it, and then order and receive copies to take to WorldCon. It could be tight.

We also contacted some folks regarding nonfiction content for issue 10. Since it’s Sunday – and some of them live in different parts of the world – we don’t expect to hear back from them immediately.

A quick Things Not To Do When Submitting: Don’t send a query asking if the market will consider your story even though it doesn’t fit the guidelines. Okay, querying is better than just sending the story – it shows you at least read the submission guidelines. But you’re basically asking us to change how we operate, presumably because your story is SO AWESOME that the guidelines don’t matter. I’ve said it before – the guidelines exist for a reason. If your story doesn’t fit the guidelines, then you’ve picked the wrong market for your story. (NOTE: some of the guidelines with less defined boundaries MIGHT be an exception: for example, if you have a story which you feel blurs the line between Child Fiction and Children’s Fiction, then we may consider it for our Child Fiction issue. In those cases, querying is fine. But when we’re talking about firmly defined guidelines like wordcount and “Must have Sci-Fi and/or Fantasy”, those are not flexible. In other words, you can ask us where our boundaries are – but if we’ve already told you, don’t ask us to change those boundaries.)

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