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Jul 17th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Okay. The Print edition is well and truly done. Except for one bio I still don’t have. Everything else is done, and I truly mean everything. I think we’re going to have to start enforcing deadlines on author bios… I never thought it would take such coercion to squeeze 150 words out of people.

Today was… busy. I had planned on taking the morning off work, but it ended up being the entire day – there was just so much going on, some good, some bad.

I did spend a good part of the evening wrapping up all the little details for the print edition. That included formatting the cover and adding our name to it, double-checking all the formatting again, and double AND triple-checking the page numbers in the Table of Contents. the ToC page numbers are easy to mess up – one little change can throw off the page numbers for the entire document. After a bad mistake back around issue 3 or 4 that caused us to have to resubmit and re-order the proof, I now don’t put any page numbers during the process – it’s the very last thing I always do. After I get that last bio and add it in, I’ll be checking the page numbers again.

I will definitely be ordering the proof copy on a rush. After that’s finally done and I can breathe again, I’m going to see about speeding through the Kindle, pdf, prc and online editions. I’d like to have that all done with a good week to spare before the end of the month, so I can start in on prep for Issue 10, which we’ll be putting together during WorldCon.

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