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Jun 19th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

After progress seemed hard to come by for quite a while, today was a nice burst of productiveness. The final edits were sent out, and we’ve heard back from most of the contributors. A couple just got theirs so we’ll give them some time to look over the suggested changes to their work and get back to us.

Today I took the cover art, sized it, formatted it, and added our title and “Issue 8”. Then that image gets laid onto a slightly larger template image; this creates a border to make cropping easier for the printer. Then I re-saved the image so the various layers of the image are merged. And finally, I converted the document to PDF, the easiest format to provide to the printer. (I’ve said it before, but it’s been a while so it bears repeating; DAMN this cover looks great. It was created by the immensely talented Kasey Gifford. Check out her gallery, she’s got some incredible work up there!)

I also took our template for the inside of the Print edition (it’s in MS Word) and adjusted it for Issue 8. It now has all the images, the new headers, all the correct titles and names, etc. All that’s left to do with it is to take the actual content, format it and insert it into the proper places in the document. Then I’ll go through the entire thing carefully to make sure that all the formatting/spacing is correct, etc. Then Kay will do the same, and once we’re satisfied we didn’t miss anything, the doc will also be converted to PDF, and both will be sent to the printer so we can order our proof. I should be able to get all of the formatting finished and the PDFs sent off by the end of the weekend, if not sooner; it’ll depend on how soon we hear back from the contributors.

I’ve also received contracts that I need to sign and send back with payments. Another thing to get done tomorrow.

By the way, for the first time we’re actually publishing two things from the same person in the same issue. Jeromy K Smith sent us a story and a piece of original artwork; the artwork depicts a character (though not an actual scene) from the story. We were impressed with both, and like how they seem to add something to each other, so we accepted both. Pretty neat; I love seeing people work in multiple mediums and do both/all well.

We’re still plugging away at the Flash Fiction submissions. I also spent about 1 1/2 frustrating hours trying to make a Poll plugin work; I thought I had it but then it started glitching out. Very annoying, but I’ll figure it out. *grumble*

And in case everyone’s forgotten, we’re still accepting submissions for Issue 9! Our submission totals are well down from this point last month, probably at least in part because of the Flash Fiction contest. Hey, that means greater odds of being accepted, right? So get those subs in! The Current Genre is Alternate History.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I love Crossed Genres, and I am excited that it will be the first place to publish my Writing and art.

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