Working Ahead of the Class

Apr 13th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

I used to get in trouble in school for the sort of behaviors I employ to manage my share of the workload at Crossed Genres.

A couple weeks ago, I locked in the artist for the cover I need by the July 1st deadline (pure luck that time – the artist asked to do a cover!). Today I confirmed an artist for a cover I won’t need until August 1st. There’s still work to be done between now and then – mainly lining up non-fiction contributors – but it’s comforting to peer into the future and see a few items already checked-off my ToDo list. It’s so motivating, in fact, that I recommend working ahead to everyone, regardless of what their teachers or bosses have to say about the practice.

Because wouldn’t it be lovely if every now and then we each arrived at ‘school’ only to find that we’d already done our ‘homework’ for the day?

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