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Jun 11th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

More editing was done today. It’s going a bit slowly, but it’s coming along.

I heard back from the writer to whom I sent an embarrassingly formalized email. Fortunately he didn’t take offense at it.

Because the Flash Fiction contest is only open for submissions for a few more days, I made a couple of contest-themed images and used them to place a couple of ads on especially relevant sites. Not sure if anything will come of it. (Submit to the contest! [/plug])

Tonight after work, I went to hang out with Nick, a friend from college. Nick’s also an expert at SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so we spent a while talking about ways to make websites more visible in search engines and increase traffic. He had some great ideas for some things I haven’t tried yet, so I’ll be taking a stab at some of them soon.

A while ago I ordered a few print copies of Issues 6 & 7. We’ve promised to send copies to a few people (like Issue 6 to the Autry National Center for their archives in exchange for their allowing us to use some of their images in conjunction with an article.) Well, I realized that those copies haven’t come yet. It hasn’t been too long, but longer than our orders usually take. If we don’t get them in the next day or two I may have to send an email asking what’s up.

Tomorrow: really knuckling down and getting as much editing as possible done. I also need to send some rejection letters, and contact a couple of people about novel & novella submissions. Oh, and if I can get out of work early enough I need to hit the post office and check our P.O. box to see if any contracts have arrived.

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