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Jul 23rd, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

We got the proof of Issue 9 today! To our relief, it looks great (it’s always a relief that we didn’t screw something up and need to redo it).

I also mailed out a bunch of contracts/payments. I was planning to get them all done… but I ran out of checks! I had more at home, so I’ll finish up tomorrow.

Other than the above, today was mainly a reading day, as planned. I read one story that really impressed me, and (barring a slew of brilliant stories in the still-unread pile) will probably be accepted. There was also a pretty good one we’ll consider, and a few no’s.

One other thing today: the Program for WorldCon came out today! I spent part of the day looking through the panel and event listings, marking the ones that interest me. Kay will do the same, and we’ll try to make up a schedule based on the ones we most want to see. (For those who don’t know: there is NO WAY to see everything you want at a WorldCon. At any given time there could be literally 20-25 events going on, including panels, author readings, autograph sessions, etc. You just have to prioritize and accept that some stuff you want to see, you won’t get to.)

By the way, are any readers of Crossed Genres going to be at WorldCon? We’d love to meet you! Let us know you’ll be there, or hunt us down somehow. Anyone who finds us at WorldCon, we’ll give you a coupon for 1/2 off anything in the store (including a subscription)!

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