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Oct 12th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Whew! What a weekend! The site was down for about 24 hours. This was due to some unforeseen (and still not completely explained) issues when moving the site to a new server. Our webguru Matt worked his butt off to get us up and running again. Thanks Matt!

Let’s see. All editing for the LGBTQ issue is done! It took a bit longer than we’d hoped for, so we most likely will have to wait until tomorrow to get the updated proof submitted (we’d wanted to do it today). But that will still have us well on schedule. The cover art is finalized and looks AMAZING.

Also, we got final confirmation on another piece to go in the issue – we’ve known about it for a while but I wanted to hold off until it as official. David Willis, the mad genius behind the webcomics Shortpacked! and Joyce and Walky! (And its precursors Roomies! and It’s Walky!) has drawn an original Shortpacked! comic to go in the issue! It features a couple of the webcomic’s main characters and is hilarious – definitely his unique style of humor. Tons of thanks to David for his generosity in contributing to the issue!

Although (I think) I mentioned it before, Kay nailed down cover art for Issue 13 – way later than we like, but done, so whew! The artist is very talented and professional, and fast! We already have sketches and the first color mockup. Looks awesome. Oddly enough, it’ll be our first cover with a dragon on it… we’ve had a couple pieces of inside art with dragons, but never a cover. An entire year of an SFF magazine with no dragons on the cover? WTF?

Also, big news: we decided to accept a novel for serialization! It’s really a terrific story, with a sharp, unique voice. Excellent work, and we’re thrilled to have it. We’re still working out the contract details with the author, but when it’s sorted we’ll make an official announcement. Of course it still needs editing, but we will definitely have some exclusive content in the Subscribers Area soon! Yay!

NOTE: We are still accepting novel, novella and webcomic submissions! Our accepting this novel doesn’t mean anything about any submissions we’ve already received, either – in fact, Kay spent a good part of today reading novel and novella submissions. If we find another gem we’d like to publish, we’ll be perfectly happy to publish two serials overlapping. If you sent us a submission and haven’t yet heard back, assume nothing!

That’s it for now, as I’ll probably do another post tonight about today. I’m sure more happened in the past couple of days that I’ve forgotten, but I’m multitasking too many things to call them to memory at the moment.

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