Post A Story For Haiti

In the wake of the disastrous earthquake that has decimated Haiti, we wanted to do something to encourage people to donate to the massive relief efforts that are underway. So we started Post A Story For Haiti.

Below are links to a number of short stories. Their authors have posted these stories online to read, for free. You can read one or all of them, it’s up to you. More stories will be added as we are sent new links.

And if you enjoy the free stories and want to show your appreciation, please donate to a charity involved in the Haiti relief efforts. Here are a few examples:

Red Cross

These are just suggestions: feel free to donate to any of the other worthy organizations helping in Haiti.

If you do donate, please let us know, either by posting a comment below or emailing us privately. (Any information you give will NEVER be shared: we’d just like to know that these efforts are working.)

To have your work added to the list, please fill out this simple form.

Stories in English

(Alphabetically by author)

Sharla Anderson – Funeral Obsidere
Athena Andreadis – Contra Mundum
Megan Arkenberg – Panthanatos
Therese Arkenberg – The Family
Steve Barber – The Mission
Natania Barron – Castledeck and the Arabella
Samit Basu – Rocket Kumar
James Bennett – No Ball Games
Aditya Bidikar – What You Don’t Know can Still Hurt You
Christopher Blanchard – Scouts
Kody Boye – The Dog on Taylor Road
Brook Breazeale – Glitter and Crystals
Joely sue Burkhart – My Clockwork Heart
Adam Callaway – Reinforcing Chaos
Joyce Chng – The Tears Fall Down On Qing Ming
Jaleta Clegg – Making Legends
Shalanna Collins – The Truth About Hansel and Gretel
Neil Colquhoun – Untitled
Nathan Crowder – Masks: a de la Vega Mystery
Stephen Dedman – The Godfather Paradox
Julianne Draper – The Captain’s Merciful Death
Shaun Duke – Catnip Pete and the Suricata Symbol (Part One) | (Part Two)
Andy Duncan – Zora and the Zombie (2004 Nebula & Stoker nominee: set in 1930’s Haiti)
Robert C. Eccles – Uninsurable
Scott Edelman – Petrified (PDF download)
Victoria Elkin – Dandelion
G.D. Falksen – The Mask of Tezcatlipoca
Fabio Fernandes – Growing Love
Kaolin Fire – By the Dragon’s Tail
Chris Fletcher – Excerpt from Days of the Dust and Mirror
Nancy Fulda – In the Halls of the Sky Palace
Jaym Gates – Crash
Jasmine Giacomo – Anasazi: Last Lament
Gail Gray – The Ritual
Orinn Grey – Spiders
Melissa S. Green – Shark (takes place shortly after Cold.)
Nicola Griffith – Down the Path of the Sun “1st story I wrote: life after disaster”
Pijush Gupta – The Obituary
Colin Harvey – Above the Birds
Martin Heavisides – Taste Test
Patty G. Henderson – Through the Glass Deadly
Aaron Holland – Chess In Wonderland
Meredith Holmes – Saturday Night
K.T. Holt – Voidlight 1 & Voidlight 2
Nalo Hopkinson – Herbal
Alledria E Hurt – Respect the Roses
Larissa Ione – Bloodlust (WARNING: graphic erotic horror/fantasy; blood, sex, M/M content)
N.K. Jemisin – The Effluent Engine
Kelly Jennings – The Children of the Revolution
Oonah V Joslin – Good News
Brent Kellmer – Breaking Contact
Ahmed Farhan Khalid – My house on fire (poem)
Ahmed A. Khan – Minder
Nancy Kreml – Plat-Eye (children’s story)
Angela Kroeger – Judith and the Ghost of Amanda MacIntosh
Jay Lake – Not Much of a War
* Ahna Larsen – Preparing For Legends
Bart Leib – Selective Breeding
Martin Livings – Cause and Effect
Adam Lowe – Never a Change For Tradition
L. Lee Lowe – Watershed
Catherine Lundoff – Three Views of the Maiden in Peril
M-Brane SF magazine # 12 – Ergosphere (PDF download)
Elissa Malcohn – Prometheus Rebound (.pdf) and Variations for Four Hands
Linda Manning – Sneakers
Romeu Martins – Devilish Comedy
T.J. McIntyre – Ozymandias Revisted
Melissa Mead – Olive Branch
Michael Merriam – Secret
John “JAM” Arthur Miller – I. Paladin
mmSeason – The E.S.M
Sarah Monette – The Half-Sister
Silvia Moreno-Garcia – Maquech
Deirdre M. Murphy – Deep Dreams
Mo Needham – Alien Encounter
Ripley Patton – Heart of the Salamander
Rosanne Rabinowitz – Fugitive Spirit
Shruti Ravi – A Writer’s Life
Paula Ray – Java Joy
Graeme Reynolds – Picnic
Edward W. Robertson – Under a Harsh and Silent Sky
Marie Robertson – The Forbidden
Brandon L. Rucker – Mass Graves
Shruti Sharma – She and I
William Shunn – The Visitors At Wriggly Field
Matthew Sanborn Smith – About Face
Bryan Thomas Schmidt – Floater
Jennifer Stakes – The Glassy Roll of the Eye
Vaughan Stanger – String-Driven Thing
Anthea Strezze – Sacrifice
Suganya – In a City Named Serendipity
Judith Tarr – Classical Horses
Catherynne M. Valente – The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In a Ship of Her Own Making
Jeff VanderMeer – The Great Lost Bat Expedition
Suzanne Vincent – I Speak the Master’s Will
Sarah Ann Watts – Made Up
M. Darusha Wehm – Chekhov’s Phaser
Martha Wells – Houses of the Dead
Edward Willett – Je Me Souviens
Liz Williams – A Glass of Shadow
Mark Wolf – The Strange Death of Dr. Love
William Wolford – Too Late For a Position Change
Madison Woods – Omnipotence
Mercedes M. Yardley – Life
*Jakub Zielinski – Always
Jeremy Zimmerman – Golden Apples

To have your work added to the list, please fill out this simple form.

Stories in Portuguese

(Alphabetically by author)

Alicia Azevedo – Na Nuca
Volmar Camargo – Quatro Horas (Poem)
Janaina Azevedo Corral – Pai Frango(Cartoon)
Roberto Denser – O Outro Lado do Espelho
Cirilo S. Lemos – O homem e o violão
Rafael Lupo – Last night on Earth
Romeu Martins – Espírito Animal
Rober Pinheiro – O 31o. Dia
Carlos Relva – Fora da ordem
Estevão Ribeiro – Os passarinhos(Cartoon)
Ana Cristina Rodrigues – Isabel e a roseira

Post your own story

To have your contribution added to the list, please fill out this form (all information will be kept completely confidential). You can contribute anything: stories, poetry, artwork, comics, etc. When you do post your work, include a link back here to encourage others to donate or to add their work to the list.


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