Resisting Fascism submissions now open!

Born from a desire to produce high quality, pertinent publications – small collections of relevant excellence – Crossed Genres is trying something new. It’s a pop-up anthology: 7-10 stories plus original cover art, published very quickly. We’re open to fiction submissions NOW; submissions will close in ONE MONTH, on August 15. There will be a short crowdfunding project, and assuming it’s successful, we will publish the micro-anthology shortly before US election day on Tuesday November 6, 2018, less than 4 months from now!

For our first microanthology, we’re looking for science fiction and fantasy stories about Resisting Fascism – a subject already appearing in many writers’ recent works. Whatever that may look like, small scale rebellion or worldwide revolution; set in any time period past, present or future, or even in alternate universes.


Fiction Submission Guidelines

Word Count: 250-8000
.doc, .docx or .rtf files only
Standard Manuscript Format preferred
No Courier font
Name, contact information and submission word count on the first page
No simultaneous submissions. No reprints.



Pay Rate & Rights

Pay will be $0.07 per word (possibly more depending on crowdfunded stretch goals). Authors will also receive a gratis print and ebook copy of the anthology.

Crossed Genres takes first worldwide English-language ebook and print rights, exclusively for one (1) year, and non-exclusively for an addition four (4) years. There will be an option to extend the non-exclusive rights for additional compensation.


Please email with any questions regarding the anthology or your submission.

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