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The date for W.Ink Day is Saturday, July 31, 2010 POSTPONED! New date forthcoming!

What is W.Ink Day?

W.Ink Day, also known as Writer’s Ink Day, is a date to celebrate tattoos and their personal and cultural significance. There are 3 ways to participate in W.Ink Day:

  • Get a tattoo! Schedule an appointment to get inked on the date of the event! Send us a link to a pic or post about getting your tat and we’ll link to it.
  • Write about tattoos. Post to your blog or your website, anything about tattoos: yours and what they mean to you, other cool ones you’ve seen, a study of the cultural significance of tattoos, fiction involving tattoos, etc. Send us the URL of your post and we’ll link to it. If you want to create art of tattoos, that’s good too!
  • Donate blood! A particularly appropriate donation, since after getting a tattoo you can’t donate blood for a year – and a necessary one, as blood banks are always running short. Donate any time in the weeks leading up to W.Ink Day, tell us you did, and we’ll add you to our Page of Bloody Writers! We’ll even link your name to a website of your choice, if you’d like.


Can only writers participate?
NO! Anyone with a creative bent, or even if you just think it’s a neat idea, can join in.

How many of the 3 ways to participate do I have to do?
As many or as few as you want. If you want to donate blood, get tattooed and then write about it, great! If you don’t write and can’t deal with extensive exposure to needles, but want to help out, donate blood and tell us about it.

Does it have to be on the 31st?
We would STRONGLY prefer if you get your tattoo the day of the event. However, if you’re unable to get an appointment that day, or just can’t get out of something, it’s okay to get your tattoo in the few days leading up to W.Ink Day. However, it must be on or before the date, not after!

The same applies for blood donations: try to donate the day of the event, but if you can’t, do so on an earlier day. (Remember to schedule your blood donation before your tattoo appointment!)

Blog posts about tattoos should be posted on the date.

Because there are a surprising number of writers with tattoos, and we think the correllation is significant. Because writing and tattoos are both art, and we’re all about the melding of artistic media. Because writers, and artists, and the tattooed, can be startlingly generous, and this is a good way to help people. Because the idea of building community through the common interests of tattoos and writing is hugely appealing. And because tattoos and writing are awesome!

We’ll be adding the Page of Bloody Writers and the page for tattoo links in advance of the 31st, so they’ll be ready to go when those emails start rolling in! Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you on W.Ink Day!


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