Long Hidden – Kickstarter stretch goals

If you couldn’t read the stretch goal image on the Long Hidden Kickstarter page, here’s a list of the goals we’re hoping to reach!

  • REACHED: $12,000 – Main goal: Long Hidden gets made!
  • REACHED: $15,000 – Original song!
    Co-editors Daniel and Rose will write a duet and record the song with Daniel’s band Ghost Star. Every backer at all levels will get an mp3 of the song!
  • REACHED: $20,000 – Bigger anthology!
    At $20k we will add ~10 stories/~50,000 words to the anthology, 50% more! ALL copies (ebook, paperback & hardcover) will have the extra content at no extra cost to you!
  • $30,000 – Inside art!
    Every story will be accompanied by an original piece of black and white art! ALL copies (ebook, paperback & hardcover) will have the art at no extra cost to you!
  • $50,000 – Audiobook! WOW!
    We’ll produce a professional audiobook of the entire anthology! Everyone who pledges at least $25 will get the audiobook for free!
    Plus, Crossed Genres co-publisher Bart Leib will shave his head!

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