Crossed Genres Quarterly 1

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Each month of Crossed Genres Magazine combines Science Fiction & Fantasy with a new theme. Quarterly 1 contains Issues 25 (Celebration), 26 (Opposites) and 27 (Tragedy), plus exclusive new content!


Editorial – “Digging Beneath the Skin of the Sea” by Jaym Gates
Editorial – “Words Away From here” by Natania Barron

Issue 25: Celebration

  • “Desert Tango” by Jacob Edwards
  • “Total Security” by Arthur Carey
  • “Lunar Year’s End” by Jaymee Goh
  • “We Shall Overcome” by Nicole Givens Kurtz
  • “The Gift” by Christie Yant
  • Exclusive – “Prudence and the Dragon” by Zen Cho

Issue 26: Opposites

  • “Love in the Atacama, or The Poetry of Fleas” by Angela Rega
  • “The Failed Redemption of Michael Ostrog” by Jacob Edwards
  • “Occupations” by Andrew S. Fuller
  • “Bird Out of Water” by Lindsey Duncan
  • “Saving Face” by Shelly Li and Ken Liu
  • Exclusive – “The Red Terror of Rose Hall” by Molly Tanzer

Issue 27: Tragedy

  • “I’ll Take You With Me” by Richard Larson
  • “They Gather in the Green” by Michelle Muenzler
  • “Rule of Threes” by Corinne Duyvis
  • “The Halcyon in Flight” by Therese Arkenberg
  • “Nadirah Sends Her Love” by Ada Milenkovic Brown
  • Exclusive – “Snow on Red Leaves” by Calvin D. Jim


  • Faith in Darkness – Interview with Maurice Broaddus
  • Non-Fiction – “On March 9th, I Lost My Youth” by Gabrijel Savic Ra
  • Cover Art – “Untitled” by Lisa Grabenstetter


This magazine was a very nice read with a good selection of different genres.

– N. Kelly
(Full review)

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