Crossed Genres Quarterly 2

Out of print.


Each month of Crossed Genres Magazine combines Science Fiction & Fantasy with a new theme. Quarterly 2 contains Issues 28 (Superhero), 29 (Mystery) and 30 (Luck), plus exclusive new content!


Issue 28: Superhero

  • “Idris on the Job” by Leow Hui Min Annabeth
  • “How Molière Saved Lydia Bruer: A History in Two Fragments” by Tracie Welser
  • “Hard Ride to Yuma” by Nathan Crowder
  • “Dog Days” by Adam Israel
  • “Across the City’s Belly” by KB Lawrence
  • Article – “As Weak as Women’s Magic” by Athena Andreadis

Issue 29: Mystery

  • “In the House of the Brelsh” by Barbara Krasnoff
  • “Soul of the City” by Jamie Mason
  • “The Body and the Bomb” by John P. Murphy
  • “Down There” by Aaron Polson
  • “The Peculiar People” by Erik T. Johnson
  • Exclusive – “Return to Impact” by Billy Wong
  • Exclusive – “The Tower” by Gray Rinehart

Issue 30: Luck

  • “How the Goddess Came to Spring Flowering Alley” by Andrew Penn Romine
  • “Little Magic” by Tom Howard
  • “Luck Be a Lady” by Amy Sundberg
  • “Paid” by DeAnna Knippling
  • “I Can’t Imagine” by Sandra Wickham
  • Exclusive – “Fluke” by Paul Dixon


  • Cover Art – “Cat on the Road” by Rodolfo Reyes

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