Crossed Genres Year One

Cover art by Nicc Balce

From lovers whose needs suck away others’ life forces to the foibles of superheroes past their prime, Crossed Genres makes a tasty break from ordinary speculative fiction. This twisted group of stories both inflames and amuses. At ten bucks a pop, it is hard not to recommend its purchase.

– Tangent Online (Full review)

Crossed Genres Year One was available from January 2010 through January 2012.

Love, but not as we understand it;
Blasting planes out of the sky while freefalling without a parachute;
A look at what we might leave behind for our children;
The Spice isn’t Life – The Spice is Alive!

Each month of Crossed Genres Magazine combines science fiction & fantasy with a new theme. Crossed Genres Year One contains one story selected by the editors from each issue of the magazine’s first year.

  • Issue 1: Science Fiction & Fantasy – “The Time of Tales” by C. L. Rossman
  • Issue 2: Dystopian – “Back to the Beginning” by Marilou Goodwin
  • Issue 3: Romance – “A Crazy Kind of Love” by Jeremy Zimmerman
  • Issue 4: Crime – “The Near-Sighted Sentinel” by Adam King
  • Issue 5: Humor – “Condiment Wars” by Jill Afzelius
  • Issue 6: Western – “Red Dust” by Amanda Lord
  • Issue 7: Urban – “Deacon Carter’s Last Dime” by Nathan Crowder
  • Issue 8: Anthropomorphism – “The Strangler Fig” by Jennifer D. Munro
  • Issue 9: Alternate History – “The Bat and the Blitz” by Erika Tracy
  • Issue 10: Child Fiction – “The Good Old-Fashioned Kind of Water” by Camille Alexa
  • Issue 11: Horror – “The Drain” by M. Palmer
  • Issue 12: LGBTQ – “Cold” by Melissa S. Green

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The most interesting thing about this book is that it seems to throw convention completely out of the window. There’s a romance with no bodice-ripping, a crime story with a shocking lack of alcoholic detectives, child fiction that is surprisingly dark, and a humour piece that isn’t at all funny. Although it doesn’t work for all of the stories in this anthology, many of the authors within Crossed Genres have travelled far away from the standard fare in an attempt to bring us something incredible.

– Innsmouth Free Press (Full review)

The first twelve genres and their stories collected in Crossed Genres: Year One are an eclectic mix of styles and authors, each with something to offer to sci-fi and fantasy fans. You’ll find a good mix of the two primary genres, so there will be a story you’re bound to like even if you’re strictly a sci-fi or fantasy fan.

– Associated Content (Full review)

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