Crossed Genres Publications is a small press publisher of progressive speculative fiction based in Framingham, Massachusetts.

CGP is the publisher of Crossed Genres Magazine, a monthly SFF magazine which is a qualifying professional market for Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). The magazine is free to read online, is available in yearly subscriptions (print and ebook), and is published in biannual anthologies (print and ebook).

In addition to the magazine, Crossed Genres Publications has published numerous novels, collections and anthologies, including Salsa Nocturna by Daniel José Older, called “striking and original” but Publishers Weekly; and the forthcoming anthology Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History, which has thus far gotten strong reviews.

It’s the mission of Crossed Genres Publications to give a voice to people often ignored or marginalized in SFF, which has led us to publish titles focused on older women, overweight women, immigration, skilled laborers, QUILTBAG families, and people marginalized throughout history.

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Bart R. Leib is co-editor of Crossed Genres Magazine. He edited the anthology Subversion: Science Fiction & Fantasy tales of challenging the norm (12/2011), co-edited Fat Girl in a Strange Land (2/2012), and edited the novel INK by Sabrina Vourvoulias (10/2012).

Bart’s fiction has been published in M-Brane SF Magazine and the anthology Beauty Has Her Way from Dark Quest Books (2011). He’s a contributor to Wired’s GeekDad; his nonfiction has been published by Fantasy Magazine and Science in My Fiction.

He lives in Massachusetts with his wife Kay, their son Bastian, and two cats. At any given moment, he has more active projects than he has fingers.

Kay T. Holt is co-editor of Crossed Genres Magazine. She edited the novels A Festival of Skeletons by New Zealand author RJ Astruc and Broken Slate by Kelly Jennings; the collection Salsa Nocturna by Daniel José Older; and co-edited the anthology Fat Girl in a Strange Land.

She lives in Somerville, MA with her husband Bart and their son Bastian.



Kelly Jennings teaches writing and literature at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith, in Northwest Arkansas, where she lives in happy squalor with her husband Mark Burgh, her daughter Cooper, two yappy dogs, and far too many books. Her first novel, Broken Slate, was serialized by Crossed Genres Publications, and will be released in print & ebook in July 2011. A short story set in the same universe, Lunch Money, was published in Crossed Genres’ December 2009 issue.

Blog: http://delagar.blogspot.com
Email: drdelagar@gmail.com


Casey Seda will eventually give us a bio to add here.

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