Broken Slate chapter 13 is up!

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Kistur did stay. He slept below stairs, spending his days in the stable, coming in only for meals. He didn’t speak to Martin; just dealt with the horses, and helped Pia manage the boiler, which, as it developed, took some managing. “He says he stayed because you gave him shit about taking care of the horses,” Pia told Martin.

“I gave him shit. Not about the horses. Not half what he gave me.”

Pia was making berry cobbler. Martin was watching him and eating stray scraps of dough. He was drinking cider with the scraps, having found a great stone jug of cider on the floor of the pantry that morning which he had been working his steady way through since.

“Some of these North Country contracts have issues,” Pia confided comfortably, tamping down the edges of the cobbler crust.

“He can suck me,” Martin said. Pia glanced at him, and at the cider. Martin finished what was in the cup and poured more. It wasn’t the cider. He wished.

Chapter 13 of Kelly Jennings’ novel Broken Slate is now on the website! We’re fast approaching the conclusion, which should be posted on March 22!

This tense, invigorating novel shows the origin of Martin Eduardo, a “contract” who must battle not only societal discrimination and oppression, but also the indoctrinated restrictions within his own heart and mind. Broken Slate is being serialized online for free. It updates every other Tuesday.

Go here to read it! Or you can start at the beginning.

Read a short story about Martin Eduardo, published in issue 13 of Crossed Genres: Lunch Money.

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