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Art: Cover – “A Deafened Plea For Peace” by Ben Greene

This artwork has been shortlisted for the
2010 British Science Fiction Association award for Best Art!

A Deafened Plea For Peace by Ben Greene



About the Artist

Ben Greene began as an artist by drawing dinosaurs, cat aliens with snake arms, and Ninja Turtles on the back of church bulletins. He has since decided to spare the lives of many trees by working primarily on his computer (don’t tell the forest but he still keep a traditional sketchbook). Ben has worked on a small smattering of different entertainment media since college but the majority of his work has been as a concept artist for video games. He enjoys hanging out with his wife and kids, watching movies, and would take a hike through the woods over long walks on the beach most days, unless of course the beach was littered with the bones of aquatic critters to add to his growing collection of animal skeletons.

He can be found online at

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