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Nov 12th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

So much to tell!

First, because I keep forgetting: Crossed Genres passed a couple of pretty amazing milestones this month. We’ve now surpassed 50,000 unique visitors to the site, and 135,000 pageviews, since the day Issue 1 came out. We’ll probably end up between 140k and 145k for our first year. (anyone want to help push that to 150k?) Considering that we initially aimed high for 80,000 pageviews in our first year, we are simply stunned by this. THANK YOU, everyone who’s visited, read, submitted, purchased(!) and helped spread the word.

Speaking of Issue one: we have almost reached the point where issue 1 will no longer be available. Issues stay available for 1 year, and #1 will have been out for a year as of November 30. Now is your last chance to read or purchase Issue 1! After this month it’ll be gone for good!

This afternoon, I proved my mastery of Microsoft Word. The template I use for the print edition of the issues has had a recurring problem – it’s recurred in every single version. Without going into to much detail, it was a problem with section breaks, and it messed with the formatting, page numbers… argh, it was so frustrating. I wasted time on every single issue because of it, tweaking over and over to get it to look right. But today – I eliminated it! Completely! The thing looks absolutely perfect, without weird issues that go all wonky each time I make a tiny adjustment. I was so excited that I emailed the template to both Kay and myself, just so I could be sure it wouldn’t get corrupted or lost. I think it will save me many hours, literally, in the long run. w00t!

Obviously, I got a lot of work done on the print edition of issue 13. It’s coming along nicely – I may be able to wrap it up tomorrow, and if not then definitely by Friday. Then I’ll get to work on the digital editions.

Speaking of which, today I also submitted to publish on Fictionwise. Fictionwise is one of the biggest sellers of ebooks out there. They reach an enormous number of readers, so we’re hopeful they’ll accept us as a publisher so we can have CG (as well as the anthology and any other publications) available in many more mobile formats.

We have a couple new projects in the works – because we need more, right? But they’re proving to be quite fun actually, and we think you’ll like them. More when we have something definite.

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