I ain’t been nuttin’ but bad

Dec 22nd, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

(I can’t listen to christmas music unless it’s been originally subversive, or subverted from the classic stuff. Dr. Demento saves me during this time of year.)

A quick note to start: This is the last month to read or purchase our Dystopian issue! Issue 2, originally published on January 1, 2009, is going away forever after December 31! Please go read it before it’s gone, and if you like it, consider picking up a copy before it’s too late (only $5!).

Progress is progressing. We’re in the final stretch with the anthology; barring some horrible disaster *KNOCKS WOOD* we should still be on target time-wise. It’s come together very nicely.

Issue 14 is also shaping up well. The proof arrived an amazing 2 days after we ordered it. Even better, it needs no changes. The cover art turned out to look even better when darkened! Brilliant! I’m still working on the various other editions but they’re coming along.

Submissions to Issue 15 are reaching absurd levels. We are literally 4 submissions shy of matching our highest total ever (during the LGBTQ issue). on the 22nd! I’m sure there’ll be a lull starting anytime now and continuing through the 26th or so, but I expect we’ll get a mini-rush in the last few days. Crazy. The slush readers have done a pretty good job of staying on top of it, but considering the sheer volume of submissions and basic percentages, Kay and I have a LOT of reading to do.

To people submitting to issue 15, the Any Previous Genre issue: Science Fiction is not a previous genre, nor is Fantasy! We’ve received a large number of submissions from people who seem to think that “Any Previous” means “Anything with SF or F in it.” Our first issue had a theme of Science Fiction AND Fantasy – that is, BOTH had to be present in the submissions. We have never accepted submissions for only one or the other (unless they were combined with that month’s genre). Submissions with only SF or F, that don’t also match one of the other previous genres, will be automatically rejected.

We’ve got plenty more in the works, as always – we’re very excited that in just about 3 more weeks, we begin serializing RJ Astruc’s novel A Festival of Skeletons! It’s a wonderful story and we can’t wait to share it! Remember, it’s only in the Subscribers Area, so if you haven’t, now’s a good time to subscribe so you’ll be able to read it!

The next few days will probably see very little in the way of updates as we’ll be preoccupied with other things. Have safe and happy holidays everyone!

Title quote from “Nuttin’ For Christmas” by S. Tepper, R. Bennett (c) 1955, performed by Stan Freberg

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  1. Bart, a christmas song can be a lot more interesting with the right visual accompaniment. I like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gFhgnmIjZ0

    Keep on truckin’

    I love what you are doing here.

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