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Tomorrow (Monday, November 30) is the Last day to take advantage of the preorder deal for the 1st Crossed Genres anthology! just $9 (plus shipping), and it comes with a free online subscription and a chance to win a copy for your local library!

Monday is also the LAST day that issue 1 will be available to read! After midnight it will have been available for a full year, and will be removed from the site. Take your last chance to read it today!

And completing this trifecta, tomorrow is the FINAL DAY to get your Folklore submissions in! We’ve reached pre-issue 12 submission numbers, which is very pleasing; not too likely we’ll get all the way up to issue 12 numbers, but who knows?

As I said, Monday is the final day of Crossed Genres’ first year of issues. It’s hard to believe that after this much time and all the effort we can still find running CG as exhilarating and rewarding as we do. It’s exhausting, time-swallowing work – but we love it, so we’ll keep doing it.

Since a number of people have asked: no, we haven’t quite gotten to where we want to be financially. We’re still looking at a bigger loss between now and February 1 than we’d planned for. We’ve gotten very close though, and we’re confident that the rest of what we need will come in over the next few months. If not – well, we’ll suck up and find the money somehow.

Unfortunately that means that a lot of our various plans to offer more will be put on hold until we can afford them. Not to worry, we have a long list that we will get to as time and funding permits.

Tuesday will see the release of issue 13: Action/Adventure! This issue is terrific, with some wonderful fiction, a great article and brilliant and playful cover art. I can’t wait for you all to see! We’ll also start putting together issue 14 on Tuesday (I say “start” but of course we already have the cover art and an article handled).

Sometime this week I’ll do a post with some total numbers from our first year. Amazingly, we’re going to get damned close to 150,000 pageviews, although we won’t quite make it. Still: WOW!

And on December 10 (my birthday, not coincidentally), we will have something of an announcement. There, that should keep you coming back!

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