A Kickstarter to save Crossed Genres

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Crossed Genres’ co-publishers are both out of work, and we’re at risk of losing all our funds to continue publishing! So we’ve launched a Kickstarter to cover our publication costs through 2013 and save CGP!

100% of the $4000 fundraising goal will be used for publishing new books. Over half will go directly to authors and artists for fiction and cover art. The rest will pay for editorial, production and distribution costs, as well as some advertising/publicity. (None of it will go into our pockets. We’ll be very happy to simply not lose money any more.)


Projects in 2013 will include:

  • Menial: Skilled Labor in Science Fiction

    Other people treat laborers like the dirt they work with. But skilled labor is crucial to the continuation of human culture on earth – and if we ever wish to visit the stars, skilled labor will be indispensable.

    We want stories about men and women who understand the nuts and bolts, the atmosphere and the water and the soil. You know – the things that keep us alive. We want characters who get their hands dirty every day; people who aren’t too proud to work their bodies at least as hard as their minds.

  • Winter Well, speculative novellas about older women

    We’re looking for speculative stories featuring women of advancing age (late middle age and older). They’re smart, they’re tough, and they have wills of their own.

    They may be warriors, politicians, adventurers, etc. Even if they are also wives, mothers, wise women or healers, those archetypes must not be their defining characteristics. Their motivations, their driving force, must be their own. Whatever was in their past, they’re not interested in being in the background now.

    We want stories about women breaking free of suppression; we also want stories of women who’ve been empowered all their lives.

  • Plus at LEAST two additional titles released in the 2nd half of 2013. We may add 1-2 additional projects depending on how successful the Kickstarter is. These titles haven’t been decided yet – and some of the rewards for pledging give you the chance to influence what we publish!


Some of the rewards for pledging to the Kickstarter include:

  • Signed, ARC and limited-print copies of CG titles
  • Ebook bundles – every one of our current titles, everything through 2013 – even every title we’ll ever publish.
  • 8″ x 10″ photo prints of some of our most popular covers!
  • Short story writing critiques from authors Cat Rambo & Jean Johnson, and from the CG editors!
  • Help us choose the theme for an upcoming anthology, & get credited when it’s published!
  • A custom-designed LEGO set based on the CG Magazine genre of your choice!
  • Name & describe a character in NY Times bestselling author Jean Johnson‘s upcoming novel Theirs Not To Reason Why: Damnation!
  • An ebook reader loaded with many books, and physically signed by many various authors!
  • SOME SURPRISES! Stay tuned, but supporters of the Kickstarter may end up getting more than they pledged for! 😉

We’ve been extraordinarily proud to bring new voices to appreciative readers through CGP. There’s nothing quite like accepting a story and having the author excitedly tell us that it’s their first sale (which has happened to us too many times to count). Over the 3 1/2 years since we founded CGP we’ve produced some excellent and unique reading experiences. But unfortunately, we’re quite serious when we say that’s now at risk. We simply can’t afford to lose money on the small press any longer.

If the fundraising goal isn’t reached, then CGP will stop producing new books. We’ll cancel the submission calls for Menial: Skilled Labor in SF and Winter Well, and after we release Daniel José Older’s Salsa Nocturna in July and Sabrina Vourvoulias’ INK in October, there will be no more new titles.

We don’t want this to happen. And we hope that you don’t either. We love discovering brilliant new stories and authors. Please help us keep doing so, and we’ll continue to share them with you!

Kay & Bart, co-publishers

The Kickstarter runs through June 22: pledge now!

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