The extent to which you resist

Nov 21st, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Well, since my post earlier today, a few more people have pitched in with contributions or purchases. Thank you! We’re still not quite where we need to be yet, but we’re getting closer! Please help us make our budget and not go broke! (And remember, there are only 9 days left to purchase a anthology preorder and get a free 1-year subscription!)

I haven’t done a status update in a while; I’ve been sick, and it’s really killed my energy. But there are a few things:

We got the proof copy of issue 13 on Thursday. It looks amazing! The covers always print darker than they appear on the screen, and for this particular art it added depth and vibrancy. It’s gorgeous. Can’t wait to share it with you!

I’ve just about got the online stuff all sorted. I do have a couple little details to handle, but it’s mostly done. I’m trying a new method of uploading the new issue this month; could make the actual night-of process much quicker. Here’s hoping, anyway.

I need to get cracking on the anthology next. It’s in process, but I need to spend the rest of this month really focusing on it. I want to submit for the first proof at the beginning of December (Of course we’re still waiting on the cover art). We’ve got all the contracts in hand too, so this week I’ll be sending out signed copies and communicating with the writers about any last edits they want to make to their stories.

I’m also still only halfway through the novel submission I’ve been reading. The only time I’ve had to read is during my commutes to and from the day job. But I think tomorrow I’m going to find some time to just sit and read for a while. It really is quite a good story.

Submissions for Issue 14 continue to come in pretty consistently. Our slush readers are doing a good job of keeping on top of it. I’m hoping for a nice big rush at the end of the month like usual.

I’m sure there’s more from the past few days, but it’s bedtime. One last thing: a few people has suggested
that I put song titles in these posts to identify where the post titles are from. While I feel that’s kind of cheating, maybe it can be a game; look at the title, try to come up with where it’s from, check the end of the post for the answer. Eh, whatever. It’s easy to do, so I will. This post comes from a quote rather than a song. I only heard today that Utah Phillips died last May, so it’s in honor of him:

“The state can’t give you freedom, and the state can’t take it away. Freedom is something you’re born with, and then one day someone tries to deny it. The extent to which you resist is the extent to which you are free.”
– Utah Phillips (1935-2008)

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