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Oct 26th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Issue 12 is pretty much complete. Everything’s been double-checked, all the templates have been prepped as far as they can be. I even wrote up the little descriptions for the new items in the store (a quirk of our store’s program is that we can’t create items that are “hidden” until we’re ready to start selling them, so they have to be created in the store from nothing at the same time the issue is released). We’ve even handled almost everything for the website that’s not related to issue 12 – another couple of hours should take care of the rest.

That’s pretty much all I’ve been doing for days: testing out code and layout for the site, and putting it all into hidden pages and templates; sizing/formatting art and getting it uploaded; creating new ads to use to advertise the upcoming issue.

Actually I’ve been handling a couple other pretty major things, but I can’t talk about them. One for legal reasons, and the other because we’ll be announcing it on November 1.

Kay has been looking far into the future and working hard to get our cover art sorted a few issues in advance. She’s doing pretty well at it so far: we already have the finished issue 13 cover in hand, contracted and paid for; issue 14 is sorted and we’ve seen preliminaries; and she’s got contacts out to some people for the four issues following that. Kay’s also been working on edits to our upcoming serial novel publication A Festival of Skeletons.

Tomorrow I’ll be sending out a TON of contracts and payments, and might actually find time to answer those interview questions I’ve had for a couple weeks… Good thing the interview’s not coming out until a few days into November!

Less than a week left to get us your Action/Adventure submissions!

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