You’ll be glad you kept a shovel on hand

Jan 3rd, 2010 | By | Category: CG Blog

We have almost dug ourselves out from the veritable mountain of submissions to the Any Previous Genre issue. Wow, people – we are just flabbergasted. We surpassed our previous highest submission total by forty-three percent. 43. Point-nine, to be exact. Unbelievable.

After passing through our slush reading process, a little less than half of the stories were passed to me and Kay, and we just now (at about 1 am) finished reading them all. We narrowed it down to about 20, and from there narrowed it down again, all the way to 12… from which we will select 5. Tomorrow will involve a vicious, no-hold-barred battle between Kay and I for those 5 spots.


The Folklore issue has come out;
we’re now accepting submissions to the Steampunk issue;
still haven’t gotten the proof of the anthology, but I’m expecting it on Monday;
Earlier I blogged about standing up to the Man (Amazon);
I’m going to bed.

Post title from “Dig A Hole In the Ground” by Fred Small

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