Reviews of RJ Astruc’s A Festival of Skeletons (LINK)

Reviewed in SciFi & Fantasy Books by Antony:
A Festival of Skeletons is like a love child of Terry Pratchett and Robert Rankin – a pacy, intelligent comedy novel that’s crazier than a cat on catnip, with excellent characterisation that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Highly recommended.”
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Reviewed in Associated Content by Alledria Hunt:
“This was my first exposure to the work of RJ Astruc, but I can say with great surety, this is the kind of work capable of making me a collector.”
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Reviews of Crossed Genres Year One (LINK)

Reviewed in Tangent Online by KJ Hannah Greenberg:
“Cross genre fiction, unlike other sorts of tales, is narrative that aims to succeed, simultaneously, in two or more distinct classes of literature. While there is a deluge of free and often worthwhile speculative fiction available on the Web, sometimes it behooves folk to buy a book or two. In the case of this first volume of Crossed Genres, the anthology’s ten dollar cost is easily justified.”
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Reviewed on Associated Content by Dawn Vogel:
“The first twelve genres and their stories collected in Crossed Genres: Year One are an eclectic mix of styles and authors, each with something to offer to sci-fi and fantasy fans. You’ll find a good mix of the two primary genres, so there will be a story you’re bound to like even if you’re strictly a sci-fi or fantasy fan.”
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Reviewed on Innsmouth Free Press by Lyndsey Holder:
“The most interesting thing about this book is that it seems to throw convention completely out of the window. There’s a romance with no bodice-ripping, a crime story with a shocking lack of alcoholic detectives, child fiction that is surprisingly dark, and a humour piece that isn’t at all funny. Although it doesn’t work for all of the stories in this anthology, many of the authors within Crossed Genres have travelled far away from the standard fare in an attempt to bring us something incredible.”
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Reviews of individual Crossed Genres issues

Reviews by Victoria Snelling
Issue 2: Dystopian
Issue 3: Romance
Issue 4: Crime
Issue 5: Humor

Video review of Issue 16: Steampunk by Samuel Montgomery-Blinn
Watch the complete review.

Issue 18: Eastern reviewed by Philippine Online Chronicles
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Recommended Lists

Deacon Carter’s Last Dime by Nathan Crowder, made the storySouth Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2009. “Deacon Carter’s Last Dime” first appeared in Crossed Genres Issue 7 (URBAN).

Damaged On Every Level by Barbara Ann Wright made the Tangent Online Recommended Reading List of 2009. “Damaged On Every Level” first appeared in Crossed Genres Issue 11 (HORROR).

The Crossed Genres Issue 9 (ALTERNATIVE HISTORY) cover art, Free At Last by Brianna Wu, was featured on BoingBoing.

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