Issue 12 (LGBTQ) has been released!

Oct 31st, 2009 | By | Category: News & Announcements

The long-awaited LGBTQ issue of Crossed Genres has been released!

“Crawl” by Kate Bachus
“Cold” by Melissa S. Green
“Finished” by C.A. Young
“The Tale of the Innocent Little Mermaid Statue” by Megan Rose Gedris
(with accompanying art)
“Mismatch” by Shay Darrach
“Heart of Venus” by Michael G. Farquhar
“Stay” by Angela Kroeger
“Woodwork” by Aditya Bidikar
“DEMM Wizard” by Deirdre M. Murphy
“Me And Susannah” by Tuulia Saaritsa

“Heinlein’s Friday: A Trans Novel?” by Cheryl Morgan
“Why Gay Sci Fi And Fantasy Is Important” by Lee Wind

An interview with author and outlaw Kate Bornstein

“Untitled” by Julie Dillon (Cover)
“Don’t tell Galvatron, but Shock Fleet’s lookin’ at him funny” by
David Willis
Story art by Megan Rose Gedris (accompanying her story)
“Entwined” by Katoo Deziel
“Beauty And the Blob” by Michelle Gruben

Please read and enjoy! If you like something, let the writer or artist know by leaving a comment. And best of all, please tell others by posting in blogs or forums! A number of people have asked for ads to display, so I made some up:

728w x 90h
468w x 60h
234w x 60h
160w x 600h
125w x 125w

(These are some fairly standard ad sizes.)

Thank you to everyone who’s supported us during our first year!

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