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Dec 6th, 2019 | By | Category: CG Blog

This is a post we hate to write, but we’ve reached the point where we have no choice. Crossed Genres Publications will be going on indefinite hiatus, effective immediately, with the expectation of permanently closing once our current titles are all out of print.

We will not be producing any new titles. Unfortunately, this means we are canceling our planned micro-anthology Recognize Fascism. We apologize to the authors and artist whose work would have been included. And we apologize to our co-editor on Recognize, Crystal Huff, who worked passionately on the project.

The decision to close down Crossed Genres is solely the result of personal problems between CG’s co-founders, Kay Holt and Bart Leib. Our relationship has reached a point of irreconcilable differences, and we are no longer a couple. We simply can’t continue to give CG its due attention while trying to navigate our separation, pay our bills, and take care of our son. CG has suffered as a result, so we’ve finally made the incredibly hard decision to let it go.

In regard to our personal troubles, we only ask that you please respect our privacy – we are trying to make everything as painless as possible and, most importantly, protect our son from any fallout.

Crossed Genres began as a spontaneous idea at WorldCon 2008 in Denver. We launched it a few months later with no idea what we were doing, and no idea whether it would go anywhere. It ended up going so much further than we expected. Over the past eleven years, Crossed Genres has meant a great deal to a lot of people. Through CG we’ve found a community that made us feel welcome and appreciated; we’ve met some of our dearest friends; and we like to think we’ve helped pry open the doors of SFF publishing for some people, and made the publishing world a bit more multifaceted.

We’re incredibly sad that this chapter in our lives is over. We hope to see you all as we begin the next one.

All our best,

Kay Holt and Bart Leib

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