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ISSUE 36: Pronouns & Genders (December 2015)

The Captain’s Sphere
by Malcolm A. Schmitz

At the Sixes’ and the Sevens’
by Sara Kate Ellis

Grandpa’s Glasses
by Carol Otte

Spotlight interview:
Malcolm A. Schmitz

ISSUE 35: Anticipation (November 2015)

A Veil of Leaves
by M.K. Hutchins

The Meaning That You Choose
by Bo Balder

by Allison Mulder

Spotlight interview:
Allison Mulder

ISSUE 34: Sport (October 2015)

Water, Floor, Leaves
by Katrina S. Forest

The 1st Annual Lunar Biathalon
by Rachael K. Jones

One for the Team
by MCM

Spotlight interview:
Katrina S. Forest

ISSUE 33: 2065 (the year) (September 2015)

Ants on a Trestle
by Elliotte Rusty Harold

The Springwood Shelter for Genetically Modified Animals
by Verity Lane

Chasing Comets
by Brian Trent

Spotlight interview:
Verity Lane

ISSUE 32: Portals (August 2015)

Where Do You Go to, My Lovely?
by Yusra Amjad

Infinite Skeins
by Naru Dames Sundar

The Copperlin U.S. Post Office Manual
by Lauren Rudin

Spotlight interview:
Yusra Amjad

ISSUE 31: Novelette (July 2015)

Elegy for the Green Earthrise
by Joanne Rixon

By the Numbers
by Lynn Kilmore

Little Men with Knives
by L.S. Johnson

Spotlight interview:
Joanne Rixon

ISSUE 30: Success (June 2015)

RedChip BlueChip
by Effie Seiberg

The Tear Collector
by Justin C. Key

The Plague Between Us
by Clint Monette

Spotlight interview:
Clint Monette

ISSUE 29: Failure (May 2015)

The Corpsman’s Tale
by Iain Ishbel

Let Down, Set Free
by Nino Cipri

The Tragically Dead Girlfriend
by Kate Marshall

Spotlight interview:
Iain Ishbel

ISSUE 28: Silent Communication (April 2015)

Loud as a Murder
by Sarah L. Johnson

by Maureen Tanafon

A Language We Shared
by Megan Neumann

Spotlight interview:
Sarah L. Johnson

ISSUE 27: Ensemble (March 2015)

Stone Dove
by Elizabeth Beechwood

Quiet Hour
by Peni Griffin

Any House in the Storm
by Tais Teng

Spotlight interview:
Elizabeth Beechwood

ISSUE 26: Betrayal (February 2015)

These Eyes Are Not My Own
by Jennifer Nestojko

Universal Print
by Fonda Lee

And to the Republic
by Rachel Kolar

Spotlight interview:
Jennifer Nestojko

ISSUE 25: Indoctrinate (January 2015)

Cabaret Obscuro
by Julian Mortimer Smith

Distant Gates of Eden Gleam
by Brian Trent

The Lion God
by Benjamin Blattberg

Spotlight interview:
Benjamin Blattberg

ISSUE 24: Destruction (December 2014)

Fantaisie Impromptu No. 4 in C#min, Op. 66
by Carlos Hernandez

The Wolf and the Dragon
by Mary Thaler

Stoop Sale
by Evan Berkow

Spotlight interview:
Mary Thaler

ISSUE 23: School (November 2014)

Lesson Planning
by Katherine Montgomery

Random Outbursts
by T.M. Tomilson

Getting Better
by N.E. Chenier

Spotlight interview:
Katherine Montgomery

ISSUE 22: Robots, Androids & Cyborgs (October 2014)

by Megan Chaudhuri

When They Come Back
by Natalia Theodoridou

Daddy’s Girl
by Eleanor R. Wood

Spotlight interview:
Eleanor R. Wood

ISSUE 21: Typical (September 2014)

The Semaphore Society
by Kate Heartfield

Slippery Slope
by Holly Schofield

Good Numbers
by Nadya Duke

Spotlight interview:
Nadya Duke

ISSUE 20: Time Travel (August 2014)

Time Crash
by Jane Elliott

by David Austin

Makeisha in Time
by Rachael K. Jones

Spotlight interview:
David Austin

ISSUE 19: Flash Fiction (July 2014)

by Rachael K. Jones

Ashes to Ashes
by Jes Rausch

Loving Armageddon
by Amanda C. Davis

Cecille and her Sister
by Maya Surya Pillay

Space Travel Loses its Allure When You’ve Lost Your Moon Cup
by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley

A Visit from the Hag
by Kate Hall

by Joyce Chng

Under the Bed
by Effie Seiberg

by JY Yang

The Ancestors
by Laurie Tom

What We’ve Lost, Sometimes
by Karen Bovenmyer

The Pumpkin-Carving Contest
by Dayle A. Dermatis

What Came Last
by Lindsey M. Sheehan

The Seeds of Foundation
by Pedro Iniguez

Spotlight interview:
Maya Surya Pillay

ISSUE 18: Music (June 2014)

GUEST EDITOR: Daniel José Older

A Song of Sixpence
by Alyc Helms

by Carlyn Worthy

The Reclamation
by Ashley C. Ford

Spotlight interview:
Carlyn Worthy

ISSUE 17: Food (May 2014)

Sol’s Special
by Alter S. Reiss

Man of Plenty
by Amanda Leduc

Feed the Bird
by Jenna Jayroe

Spotlight interview:
Jenna Jayroe

ISSUE 16: Runaway (April 2014)

The Heart-Beat Escapement
by Rachael Acks

Forge and Fledge
by Lauren C. Teffeau

Shedding Skin
by Angela Rega

Spotlight interview:
Angela Rega

ISSUE 15: Conspiracy (March 2014)

My Life as a Lizard
by David Stevens

Tell it Slant
by Joanna Hoyt

Sic Semper
by Kristopher Reisz

Spotlight interview:
David Stevens

ISSUE 14: Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST) (February 2014)

Sticks and Stones
by Nathaniel Lee

by Barbara Krasnoff

by Vera Vartanian

Spotlight interview:
Vera Vartanian

ISSUE 13: Second Contact (January 2014)

All the Pretty Colors
by John A. McColley

The Gaps in Translation
by Andrea Corbin

Until it Fits
by Steven Saus

Spotlight interview:
John A. McColley

ISSUE 12: Young Adult (December 2013)

The Rum Cake Runner (Removed at the request of the author.)
by Jessi Cole Jackson

The Smell of Victory
by Sandra M. Odell

The World Without Hindenburg
by K.C. Norton

Spotlight interview:
Jessi Cole Jackson

ISSUE 11: Favors (Gifts With Consequences) (November 2013)

The Three Billy Goats and Plum
by Alexandra T. Singer

Virtual Private Networking
by Barry King

You Can Take the Girl Out of the Werewolf and Put it In a Robot
by Ryan Britt

Spotlight interview:
Barry King

ISSUE 10: Stranger (October 2013)

by Priya Chand

by Rachel Udin

This Dark and Narrow Way
by Memory Scarlett

Spotlight interview:
Priya Chand

ISSUE 9: Deadline (September 2013)

Depth of Perception
by D.A. D’Amico

A Quest For the Vulture Gods
by Melissa Yuan-Innes

The Wind Harp
by Athena Andreadis

Spotlight interview:
Athena Andreadis

ISSUE 8: Touch (August 2013)

Touch of Tides
by Luna Lindsey

Suits and Hammers
by Michael Ben Silva III

The Nest
by DeAnna Knippling

Spotlight interview:
Luna Lindsey

ISSUE 7: Expectations (July 2013)

The Parched Lands
by N.A. Ratnayake

As Large as Alone
by Alena McNamara

The God-Seed
by Claire Humphrey

Spotlight interview:
Alena McNamara

ISSUE 6: She (June 2013)

Baggage Check
by Shay Darrach

Second Skin
by AJ Fitzwater

How the Jellyfish Got its Spine Back
by Lucia Starkey

Spotlight interview:
Shay Darrach

ISSUE 5: Escape (May 2013)

They Shall Flourish and Spread
by Andrew S. Fuller

Vintage Millennial Cookery InfoManual by the Geusian Ladies Society
by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley

by Chad Williamson

Spotlight interview:
Chad Williamson

ISSUE 4: Discovery (April 2013)

The Life Expectancy of Cockroaches
by Michelle Muenzler

The Seventh Son
by Llinos Cathryn Thomas

Message in a Bottle
by Jocelyn Koehler

Spotlight interview:
Jocelyn Koehler

ISSUE 3: Myth (March 2013)

Mother of Waters
by April L’Orange

The Wolf
by Allison Williams

Addressing the Manticore
by Jeremy Sim

Spotlight interview:
Jeremy Sim

ISSUE 2: Cloak & Dagger (February 2013)

The Suffragette’s Election
by J.S. Bangs

Shadows Cast By Moonlight
by Nghi Vo

A Probationary Period
by Vivian Caethe

Spotlight interview:
Vivian Caethe

ISSUE 1: Boundaries (January 2013)

by Megan Arkenberg

Thin Slats of Metal, Painted
by Alex Dally MacFarlane

by Rachel Bender

Spotlight interview:
Rachel Bender

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