Hidden Youth: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History

In 1862, a teenaged engineer fights murderous traitors with steam-powered war machines for the sake of the Union. In 1750 Poland, a police officer picks a fight with the wrong bagel vendor. In 1874, a young clerk investigating the use of Chinese laborers in Cuba finds herself working for the dead as much as for the living.

The sequel to the World Fantasy and Locus Award-nominated anthology Long Hidden, Hidden Youth focuses on children: underage protagonists marginalized in their time. 22 excellent stories ranging across nearly 2,400 years and spanning the globe, Hidden Youth reveals the stories of young people whose lives have been pushed to the margins of history.

“The offerings are solid, entertaining, and generally fascinating, conjuring up voices
and experiences not often heard. This
collection is well worth checking out
for all fans of speculative fiction.”
– Publishers Weekly (Full Review)

Print ISBN-13: 978-0-9913921-0-0

• Title is out of print. Available directly from Crossed Genres until copies are sold out.

Jessi Cole Jackson – “Throwaway Children”
Jaymee Goh – “A Name to Ashes”
K.T. Katzmann – “The Bread-Thing in the Basket”
Momtaza Mehri – “The Jinn’s Only Son”
Daniel Brewer – “Not a Witch”
Sioban Krzywicki – “Trenches”
A.J. Odasso – “Feet of Clay”
Alec Austin – “The Paper Sword”
Michael Ezell – “Genius Jones and the Rolling Rifle”
Warren Bull – “The Girl, the Devil & the Coal Mine”
Erik Jensen – “How I Saved Athens from the Stone Monsters”
JM Templet – “The Ostrich Egg Girl”
Imani Josey – “North”
Peter Medeiros – “Acclimating Fever”
Thom Dunn – “An Baile na mBan”
E.C. Myers – “In His Own Image”
Kate McCane – “Nelly”
Nitra Wisdom – “Purple Wings”
J.S. Hawthorne – “The Promised Land”
P. Djèlí Clark – “The Mouser of Peter the Great”
Camilla Zhang – “The Ship that Brings You Home”
De Ana Jones – “Fear of the Dark”

Cover art by Julie Dillon
Edited by Mikki Kendall and Chesya Burke

Review copies of Hidden Youth are now available. To request a review copy or for more information, please contact publicity@crossedgenres.com.

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