Resist Fascism

In Print ($9.99) ISBN-13: 978-0-9913921-5-5

Ebook ($3.99) ISBN-13: 978-1-4524-5699-7


The world is in turmoil. The world is always in turmoil, but in recent years, people have seen violence and hatred become proud instead of ashamed. What meager rights we’ve fought for are being deliberately eroded. And the vulnerable have any help stripped away. All of this is happening openly and without fear of reprisal. And the worst perpetrators are some of the largest governments of the world.

Resisting the spread of fascism is as important now as it was 75 years ago. And there are many effective ways to resist.

RESIST FASCISM is a micro-anthology of science fiction and fantasy tales that explore the many and varied ways people can fight back. From helping promote low-income housing, to fighting fascists hand-to-hand, to burning it all down. Best of all, RESIST FASCISM shows that you don’t have to be a hero to advance change.

Table of Contents

“To Rain Upon One City” – Rivqa Rafael

“3.4 oz” – R.K. Kalaw

“In the Background” – Barbara Krasnoff

“The Seventh Street Matriarchy” – Marie Vibbert

“We Speak in Tongues of Flame” – J L George

“Meet Me at State Sponsored Movie Night” – Tiffany E. Wilson

“Ask Me About My Book Clu” – M. Michelle Bardon

“Pelecanimimus and the Battle for Mosquito Ridge” – Izzy Wasserstein

“Meg’s Last Bout of Genetic Smuggling” – Santiago Belluco

Cover art: “Matchstick” by Geneva Bowers

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