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Feb 25th, 2010 | By | Category: CG Blog

A fast bullet-points post today, because we’re very busy and I’m exhausted.

1) Sunday is the LAST DAY to submit to the ANTIHERO issue! Thus far subs have been pretty solid – we’re well over last month’s totals – but we need more! We always need more!

2) Also, this is your LAST CHANCE to read Issue 4 – CRIME! It was a terrific issue, and after Sunday it’s gone for good! Go read it while you can, and consider buying it – only $5!

3) Have a Crossed Genres story you particularly like? Nominate it for the 2010 Million Writers Award! Nominations close on Sunday!

4) We’ve seen the almost-completed cover for the Antihero issue. Wow, it is amazing, and definitely the most risque-slash-disturbing cover we’ve had yet! I think it may be the best we’ve had at really telling a fascinating story all on its own.

5) Those of you with iPhones can take advantage of a new development to our site that our brilliant web guru Matt clued me into – the site is now optimized for viewing on the iPhone thanks to an amazing WordPress plugin called WPTouch. Check out the site via iPhone, it’s incredible how sharp it looks and functions. Anyone who uses WP, I strongly recommend this plugin for your site!

6) We have so much fun stuff coming up soon, we’re itching to tell you now! We’ll be making one announcement on March 1 – brace yourselves!

Post title is from the theme music to the 1980’s animated tv show “Gummi Bears”

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