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Feb 29th, 2016 | By | Category: CG Blog

First, we apologize for the extremely long delay in news about Hidden Youth. We realize how frustrating this is, and believe us when we say that we want nothing more than to announce that the anthology is progressing.

As you may have guessed, we’ve run into funding issues. Our preorders were miniscule and we don’t have anywhere near what we need to pay for HY.

However, we really want Hidden Youth to become real. So we are exploring any and all options for funding it. We have not exhausted those options, which may include a new Kickstarter campaign like we did for Long Hidden. But we’re waiting to hear back from several people regarding HY’s future, and we aren’t ready to make a final decision as to exactly what that future will be. As of now, Hidden Youth is still very much alive.

We’re very aware that people have been waiting for responses to their submissions for a long time. As of now, all submissions to Hidden Youth may be considered simultaneous submissions. Authors may feel free to submit their stories to other markets and it will not in any way disqualify those stories from consideration in Hidden Youth.

If authors wish to withdraw their stories from our consideration – if another submission call requires no simultaneous submissions, or you simply don’t want to wait on us any longer – we completely understand. Simply email us to let us know and we’ll consider your story no longer under consideration for Hidden Youth.

Again, we apologize for the long wait. We still believe Hidden Youth could be great and hope to see it on shelves next to Long Hidden someday!


Bart and Kay

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