“Vintage Millennial Cookery InfoManual by the Geusian Ladies Society” by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley

A Collection of Recipes for a Millennial-Themed Party Created by the Geusian Ladies Society (with testing help by the members of the Geusian Companions)

Dedicated to our honorable partners and all other Protective Forces soldiers on Active Duty in Sector 2633-06

As the partners of Protective Forces personnel, it is important that we create a stable home-life on this desolate station for our beloved companions in active service. It can be stifling to be stuck out in space, so far away from civilization. Not that we begrudge the defense of this quadrant in order to create a Geusian colony for future generations, of course not! But having an atmosphere is not the same as having culture.

An important aspect of our role is to provide entertainment, not only for our partners but for their contemporaries as well. And what better time to plan entertainment than now, when we are struggling to wait patiently for news? Here’s a new project: a Millennial dinner party using additives and supplements to offer a realistic representation of a traditional evening event.

I spoke to both the Geusian Ladies Society and the Geusian General Companions to arrange social events for this InfoManual but the Companions declined, describing the project as “gendered and old-fashioned.”

I hope that our readers of the future will not fault us with such snobbery and judgmental declarations and that in fact they may share my belief that such “old-fashioned” traditions are the mortar with which strong relationships are built, particularly when in orbit around a dreary dull moon on a barren space station with no amenities to speak of. I feel sure that other ladies on PF bases who are seeking to add a layer of sophistication to their exile interlude in space will find this InfoManual useful.


Founder of the Geusian Ladies Society


Document Location B-0592: Cocktails and Refreshments



Founder of the Geusian Ladies Society

Part of the allure of the dinner party through the ages has been the brightly colored, strong-flavored cocktail to kick off the evening. Although Millennials no longer required organic materials for their inoculations, they continued to enjoy medicative food and drink until late into the 24th century. This particular infusion was initially conceived as a preventative against blood-borne diseases spread by insects. Obviously, these bitters cannot replace modern vaccine supplements but neither do they do any harm and the flavors can create a nostalgic tone for your soiree.

Requisition the following substances:

  • 1 minicylinder
  • 0.05 mol ethanol cordial with juniper scent
  • 0.0395 mol cinchona crystalline alkaloid
  • water

Attach the minicylinder to your storage unit and charge it to three megapascals with CO2. Blend the cordial, alkaloid and water and gently filtrate into the storage unit. Set to 258 kelvin for 30 dasec and serve chilled.




Oh darling, what a fabulous project! I can’t believe I’m the first to post. No matter, I have so many recipes that I’m sure you will adore. How about this divine little mixer for the host/ess who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. It’s guaranteed to start off a party that will be talked about all over the station … although this is perhaps not the best bet if your partner’s Commanding Officer is a guest. User discretion is advised!

Before you start, requisition the following:

  • 0.01 mol octyl acetate
  • 0.019 mol 4kHU scoville capsaicin
  • 0.03 mol tamarine extract
  • 0.05 mol galactan
  • 0.08 mol sodium ion

Hydrolyze the galactan and then blend all components with water and leave to rest for at least half an orbit. Serve as chasers alongside essence of synthagave for guests to drink in sequence. If you are the simple type, you could blend it directly with equal measure of synthagave and just serve as a mixed cocktail — but why not go all out?! Be audacious!


Mood Intensifiers


I am proud of my beloved’s role in our Colony Defense Plan and I see it as my priority to make sure that Melissa is rested and relaxed when she is on base. I’ve not heard from her in two hundred and ninety seven orbits which is the longest time we’ve ever been apart. It’s hard for me to think about parties and sharing her with *anyone* else. But I think if Melissa wanted to invite guests, I wouldn’t risk making something new and exciting, in case I messed it up. Social events can be *so* scary anyway. I’d stick with something simple.

Here are Melissa’s favorite mood intensifiers:

  • Mescaline Suspension: hallucinogen with mild synthesia in low light
  • Russian Cordial: muscle relaxant and uninhibitor
  • Synthagave: potent relaxant and aphrodisiac
  • Refined Cordrazine: a stimulant and mild hallucinogen

Maybe I’ll try something more adventurous when she gets back. I hope it’s soon.


Fresh Water


Another project, Dinshi? I still haven’t recovered from the Literary Ladies discussion. I noticed you completely ignored my idea of a camp-out on the surface of Geuse. And look at these ingredients: there is a clear romanticization of the synthetic (even in Doe’s lovely post) rather than a return to the organic which would be much more appropriate for a Millennial-style dinner party.

This is exactly what I meant when we discussed the deficiencies of the Forces companion programs and I’m disheartened that the military procedures discourage local exploration. Most of you never travel beyond the perimeters of the station residential block. Have you even been to the moon’s surface? The tagalong shuttle is FREE FOR USE for all station personnel. I’ll say it again: that would make for an excellent project for the GLS. Not that anyone listens.

So, cocktails and refreshments is more important than survival. Fine. Everyone knows about the network of water-tunnels (correctly referred to as aquifers if you recall my geography lecture) below the surface of the moon which makes Geuse so attractive as a potential future colony. But how many of you have actually seen them? Our stainless steel canisters of recycled water on the station are a pale facsimile of the luminescent green-gray springs cascading from the stone caves of the moon. And more importantly, this natural Geusian liquid can replace the water that we use (both in the cocktail recipes you’ve posted or simply as a refreshing chilled drink) with no further modification.

If you’re a bit squeamish about drinking natural water, consider the source of our recycled water within the station. That’s enough to put me off drinking for life! However, if you are concerned about viruses or parasites, you can rest assured that heating the liquid destroys all pathogenic microbes, making this local water completely safe to drink.

You can use this natural water in any ready-mix. Or for a TRUE millennial experience, chill it to enjoy a refreshing drink that mankind has consumed without concern for thousands of years.


Document Location A-1089: Appetizers and Finger Foods



I promised Dinshi I would start this one off. She’s a little upset that there’s three dozen of us stuck on the station and only four posting. I’m sure we all have great ideas so let’s share!

I have to say, Louisa, trying natural water was really, well, *interesting*. It had a lot more flavor than I thought it would. One neat thing about living far from home on a Space Station, every day is an experience!

I’m re-reading my favorite book in the universe, Antiviral Extract for the Protective Services Lifemate’s Soul, looking for inspiration. There’s an entire section on positive thinking bringing results which is *so* reassuring.

Anyway, they say that in Millennial days, civilians like us often found comfort in “tea”, a small treat served in a bowl-shaped receptacle.

But back then they didn’t have the GLS and someone like Dinshi to inspire them. So they didn’t write stuff down and it seems like they didn’t have standardized measurements. I have done my best to recreate “tea” but I had to work with what we have left. I probably got it wrong. Alafina complained that it was too bitter but Dinish said I should write the recipe down anyway.

I made the tea with a mini-vial of white powdered Xanthine (3,7-Dihydropurine-2,6-dione), a mild stimulant which is similar to the caffeine they added to Millenial energy food and drink. I added hydrolyzed galactan and then combined the suspension with a small amount (no more than 0.08 of a mol) of an emulsified mixture of soya paste and recycled water.

I brought the tea to a solid by heating the components in the storage unit to 428.1 kelvin and then carefully moved it onto a flat tray. Then as it cools, everyone can carefully pull the mixture into brittle threads which are perfect bite-sized pieces to enjoy.


Marinated Gastrosnels


I originally found this recipe in a badly scanned biblioreference from one of the original colonies. An olive was an ancient Terran tree fruit (but it wasn’t sweet). From the description, it’s clear that an olive is a bite-sized savory treat with a big stone in the middle. In Millennial times, people ate this fruit as an appetizer. When I saw the reference, I immediately thought of the gastrosnels in the water-tunnels and wondered if these recipes could be used to make them more palatable. It took quite a bit of searching to understand all the ingredients but I was able to find substitutions for most of them. Not all of the combinations worked (I discovered among other things that one shouldn’t add sodium chloride directly to gastrosnels because it causes them to foam up in a most unappealing manner). But many of the old recipes convert amazingly well. This is my favorite of these, very close to the recipe as I found it in the book, where it was referred to simply as “Marinated Olives”.

Here is the original recipe as I found it.

Mix all Ingredients together:

  • 2 cups ripe olives
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 1/4 cup shredded fresh mint leaves
  • grated peeling of 1/2 orange
  • Leave to rest for one hour before serving.

I collected a boxful of gastrosnels in the early morning when they cree. The unshelled gastrosnels filled one storage unit. I used 80% in place of the olives and I crushed the remainder to strain out the juice to use for the “olive oil” (Be sure to disinfect the snels before crushing). The lime juice is not just a general term for sour mix but instead a very specific Terran citrus fruit. However, I have found that tamarine extract makes for a valid substitution at a measure of about 0.03 mol. Mint grows on Geuse and the last excursion brought some cuttings for the station green-room, so that was simple. I stayed in keeping with the obscure volume measurements by simply using a handful of the top-end sprouts. The “grated peeling of fractional orange” gave me the most trouble but I believe that a quick puff of d-Limonene added a certain zing which improved the flavor greatly. I do not believe the resting is necessary as the tamarine extract knocks out the gastrosnels immediately.

I served this historic dish at yesterday’s audiopod meeting and everyone was astounded when I told them that they have been eating fresh snels.




Well, we’ve come a long way from that old joke, “if the Forces wanted you to have a spouse they would have issued you one”. Although there are some people who continue to use archaic titles to define themselves as simply a part of a committed relationship, most of us feel that our role within the Forces is as important as the active service members, especially when they aren’t here.

Of course, we would all like to expand our horizons, but honestly, that shouldn’t mean trying to flagrantly horrify people using frankly bizarre ancient traditions and foods. I do feel this is a simple but important premise and thank you very much Dinshi for giving me the soap box on which to do so!

I won’t dwell on it. I just want to say that I’m sure it is possible to offer an exotic evening exploring beyond the everyday synths without descending into vile inedible foods chosen simply for their shock value!

Guests at my parties can enjoy the flavors of spice-inspired esters, without worrying that they might actually be eating organics of any kind. Honestly, this type of fun project requires trust in the hostess and having your dinner exposed as alien life-forms halfway through the evening does not inspire trust.

A perfectly acceptable and yet rather exciting vintage dipping food that will bring admiration instead of consternation to your guests would be these processed balls which are known in my family as Geewhizzers. I don’t know where the name comes from but I guarantee your guests will devour these savory treats!

  • 1 cylinder processed cheese emulsion
  • Maillard concentrate to taste
  • 1 packet synthlegumes with white oil flavor

Mix the sauce with the flavoring and form into small balls. Not too big … just about the size of a silicon nitride ball bearing from a wingquist arm. Do not make one large ball because it’ll look horrendous once the first guests have pressed into the sides to reach the thickened sauce. Crush the synthlegumes and roll each ball in the crumbs. Place them into your storage unit at 250 kelvin for 90 dasec.

Serve individually with baked olestra crisps and a solution of ethanol in water at 12% (m V?1), modifying the pH with tartaric acid until a pH between 3 and 4 is obtained. Perfect! An interesting and palatable treat that everyone will enjoy!


Mescaline Mallow of the Marsh


Founder of the Geusian Ladies Society

I am concerned that I may have perhaps given the wrong impression when I said we should create a cookery InfoManual of dinner parties of days gone by. Nostalgic research is an excellent way to focus the mind when we are waiting on news. However, the entire point is to be supportive and not drive each other demented with worry. This is not the time to push each other to try strange and possibly toxic foods or celebrate irrational obsolete customs that, I must say, could put the entire crew of the station at risk.

Specifically: We are all very happy that the past days of inefficient nutrition from organic material is behind us and I don’t think there is any need to try to mimic that sort of process.

However, I will admit that I like the idea of food that can be picked up with fingers and popped straight into the mouth (presuming, of course, that everyone has disinfected their hands before sitting down). Many injectables can be converted into a solid with the addition of high-intensity sweetener. I’ve been experimenting this over the past week. Note I’ve allowed myself to be inspired by quaint Millenial customs rather than trying to recreate them. This is my favorite so far:

  • 3 strips recombinant gelatin
  • 0.1 mol galactan
  • 0.05 mol mescaline suspension

Cover the gelatin strips with water and allow to rest for 48 dasec. Hydrolyze the galactan and allow to rest at 388.7 kelvin without agitating or stirring, for 150 dasec. Then, use quick and vigorous movements to swiftly blend with the gelatin. Whip for 63 dasec. Allow mixture to rest for half an orbit or more. Set your preparation device to 100mm-cube and serve.


Document Location D-2592: Main Courses

Synth Dinner


Well said, darling, well said. In the old days, supplements were clearly less effective and they had to be supplemented, as it were, by natural vitamins and minerals. It’s fabulous that they were found as by-products of organic materials. Obviously, no one would actually eat such things unless she had to. But I don’t judge. We all do what we have to when times are tough, don’t we?

I adored Doe’s selection of home-spun injections to begin the evening, very sweet Doe, even if somewhat simplistic. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to plan an entire party focused around injections? Of course it would!

Otherworld suspensions are getting scarce which is bothersome, although I’m sure we’ll have contact soon and new supplies will arrive. I just hope it’s before the next extra-solar market because I’m dying to place an order rather than relying on what the military sees fit to deliver after ignoring us for so long! But we agreed not to dwell on such matters.

I rummaged through the med stores and managed to sneak a few items into my kitbag before anyone caught me and gave me a lecture about rationing! It’s all so tedious.

I liberated the following solutions:

COROT infusions were originally designed for increased ocular power during initial excursions for new colonies. These injections increase the frequency of electrical impulses to the brain, offering an enhanced perception of our surroundings. Combine such infusions with texture-rich decorations in bright colors.

FOLDEROL is a gel-based scent enhancer which can be combined with your favorite color of fragrance in a canister delivery system.

STARSHADE, used by the military in bright-light situations, can create a flower-shaped kaleidoscopic effect in high doses.

I have multiple doses of each in my quarters although I suppose Doe is probably right that we should not sample them for fun. I guess I’ll save them for a real party once everyone returns.




Founder of the Geusian Ladies Society

It was an absolute pleasure to host the Ladies Society meeting in my quarters and I trust you all enjoyed yourselves. We listened to an enlightening audioarchive that I found in the digibrary, the transcript of Mrs Beeton, who an epoch ago already understood the prime aspect of civilization:

“Man, it has been said, is a dining animal. Creatures of the inferior races eat and drink; man only dines.”

Dinner, then, is not about the nutrients and dismal requirements of our bodies but instead an intellectual pursuit for social interaction. The dinner-party is about the guests and the conversational gambits and the activities, not about the nutritive value of the substances served.

Indeed, I blame myself for the dismay caused by the bizarre organics in those attempts to recreate the worst parts of antiquated societal events. However, I don’t regret it. This project, so far, has been a useful learning experience for us all. When the ships return and we resume a normal social life, you will not embarrass yourself with experimentation.

I’m sure you will agree that our recent evening was a success, not because of some obsolete organics ingested but as a direct result of the amusement provided. There are many entertainments you could provide for a Millennial party, not just audioarchives. I think you could have great success amusing and amazing your guests with old-fashioned console games such as Blizzards of the Coast’s Hostilities. Another possibility is to purchase textiles in order to try primitive crafts such as origami or 52-card shuffling. Intercreative vidisplays always make for a pleasant diversion.

Once we have contact again, it may be possible to order interesting Millennial artifacts to enhance the social event. However, while we are unable to purchase supplies, I really don’t feel one should risk guests comfort in a vague attempt at authenticity. For a successful event, the hostess should recall that she is trying to create a comfortable and amusing atmosphere and not create a circumstance that may lead to awkward silences. This is, I believe, the critical aspect of entertaining that this InfoManual should impart.


Boiled Pasties


It seems like people were a *little* bit tense at the GLS evening. It’s tough enough right now, we really need to just get along, you know? Planning parties and thinking about what we’re going to do when the ships finally arrive is supposed to be *fun*. We agreed that the best thing we could do is to focus our internal energies on the positive results that we want. What are they going to say if when they come back and find us all pouting and bickering at each other? And just think of what a wonderful resource we are making for future partners of the protective forces! So come on, let’s all stay *happy*! I’m sure it’ll make a difference.

Maybe it’s just that time of the month. The Geusian Companions were out of sorts this week, too. They were planning an excursion on Geuse but there isn’t enough fuel left to safely take the tagalong shuttle there and back so the trip got cancelled. I thought I’d try and cheer them up with some pasties inspired by one of those dishes described in that Mrs Beeton audioarchive that Dinshi shared with us. The ingredients are all simple (and no surprises, Alafina, don’t worry):

I rolled one packet of readyroll dough (follow instructions for rehydrating) through a ceramic press to a 2mm thickness. Then I crumbled a cube of dessicated napobrassica esters into a container of tofumince and mixed it up. I cut the dough into squares and placed 15g of filling just off center. Then I brought together the two opposite corners and pleated the edges like an aerofoil to seal it in.

I dropped it into a storage unit filled with recycled water set to 367.2 kelvin and simmered the “pasties”. They dried quickly in the microcell and I delivered them in a spare storage unit. I’ll let you know what the companions say!


Sweet Spamgel


So, I’ve seen the last-minute excuses for cancelling my weaving event. Doe assures me it isn’t personal but now I see the next GLS meeting has been rescheduled to take place at Dinshi’s instead.

This really makes me wonder about my so-called “friends” on this station. And then, to log into the project and find all this snobbery about so-called organics! Technically, EVERYTHING is organic, even your storage units, let alone the contents. Personally, I find it amazing to consider that every component of the polyvitamin is available in some unprocessed form and that our injections are not necessary at all. Under the circumstances, I expected you to help me explore other options rather than simply watching our supplies dwindle. But apparently not.

So, I had prepared this dish for the GLS meeting and (at Doe’s request) I told everyone what I was serving before the meeting. Alafina described my traditional Millennial honey glaze as “bee vomit” and the meeting was canceled. This just goes to prove that I was right not to tell you about my planned meals on previous occasions.

Nevertheless, having already prepared the dish (which I’m sure can be reheated in the storage unit for Mr Tralingl’s enjoyment if they come back), I have noted the recipe for inclusion in our InfoManual. Perhaps the companions of the Protective Forces on other military bases will have more of an open mind.

This dish would have traditionally been served with the cured flesh of a four-legged animal known as swine. I converted the recipe to use a standard ration of the textured synth spamgel, which has been used by the Protective Forces for centuries (so should be on the obscure list of “acceptable” ingredients for GLS occasions). I thought this was an acceptable compromise.

I do recommend using honey, a simple insect produce collected from the Apoidea family that the exploring team found in the west side of the landing valley. Alafina’s “bee vomit” is really just a natural form of saccharine and has a much more rounded flavour.

However. In the interests of not shocking the society, I have submitted the recipe using a basic galactan. I must say, I find this version altogether lacking in character.

  • 1 family-portion container spamgel
  • 0.1 mol galactan

Hydrolyze the galactan. Remove all wrappings from the gel and place the components into the storage unit. Set to 453.15 kelvin for 42 dasec. Serve immediately.


Document Location D-3489: Project Cancelled

The End


Founder of the Geusian Ladies Society

Well, I have tried to be tactful in guiding the members of the Ladies’ Society towards successful entertaining. It’s hard to admit that I failed. This project has become stressful rather than joyful and in these difficult times, I think it is better to cancel the project. I would like to think that perhaps future partners of the Protective Forces might still learn from our failures.

Perhaps it is better to spell it out in basic terms:

1) Just because something is traditional does not make it interesting. If you are considering an event themed upon a past era, take care that an overactive imagination does not ruin the event.

2) Surprises are not a good quality in a dinner party. Be sure that your offerings are readily recognisable. No one enjoys discovering after the meal that potentially dangerous organics were ingested without prior knowledge nor consent.

3) It is never good form to serve the excrement of insects.

These three rules should be enough to avoid some of the local fiascos we have experienced during the testing for this InfoManual. I do not see any point in continuing but I felt I should write a conclusion just in case someone one day finds these msgs.



Day the 53rd, 604.9 Postnova


Three orbits ago, Louisa May Tralingl disappeared along with the tagalong shuttle connected to the station. She’s almost certainly gone back down to Geuse.

There wasn’t enough fuel to go anywhere else.

Anyway, Louisa isn’t stupid. She’s not going to sit here and wait for a rescue. She’s been testing all this organic food to see if she can survive down there while we’re all pretending everything is fine up on the station.

I wonder if she’s eating snels.

I don’t know what happened to the ships but I do know that if Melissa were alive, she’d move heaven and earth to get back to me. It’s been 329 orbits since we’ve heard any news. They were only supposed to be away for twenty.

They aren’t coming back.

I’ve saved this to the archives so that there’s a record in case someone ever finds us. I’m broadcasting a copy down to Geuse, just in case.

Louisa, if you see this, I want you to know that I love you and I think you did the right thing. Also, Dinshi says she’s sorry and promised that if you can get us off this station, she’ll eat honey.

If you can, let me know that you are OK.

Much love,


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About the Author

Sylvia Spruck Wrigley was born in Germany and spent her childhood in Los Angeles. She now splits her time between southeast Wales and the Costa del Sol, two coastal regions with almost nothing in common. You can find out more about her at http://www.intrigue.co.uk/.

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  1. A wonderful story. As it unwinds the tensions are revealed. Very funny, too. I like the recipe for tea.

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