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Crossed Genres Magazine is an official SFWA Qualifying Market.

Crossed Genres Magazine is closed to submissions.
Please read our announcement here.


Editors: Bart R. Leib, Kay T. Holt and Kelly Jennings

  • Word count: 1000-6000 (FIRM)
  • Multiple submissions: Maximum of two (2) per month (Please submit separately!)
  • No simultaneous submissions
  • No reprints.
  • We do not publish poetry at this time.

Submit stories in DOC, DOCX or RTF format. Standard Manuscript Format is strongly preferred. Use a standard font like Times New Roman or Arial, in 12 pt. (Note: Courier is evil.)

Turnaround time for responses is one month following the end of your submission month. (e.g. if you submit during September, we’ll respond no later than October 31.) Turnaround is usually faster than this. If you haven’t received a response by the end of the following month, please query.

Pay rate & Rights

We pay 6¢ per word for fiction. Authors will also receive a gratis print and ebook copy of the anthology in which their story appears.

Crossed Genres takes first world ebook and print rights, and non-exclusive anthology rights for CG Magazine’s biannual anthologies. We also take non-exclusive online rights to publish and archive your story on our website.


Each month CG Magazine has a new genre or theme. Short story submissions must combine elements of either Science Fiction and/or Fantasy with the current theme. Do not send submissions to upcoming themes, they will be rejected without consideration!

Closed to submissions

What are we looking for?

We tend to favor character-driven stories, but that doesn’t mean we won’t appreciate a strong action piece. Any story which follows the above guidelines will be considered.

Things we want to see MORE of:

  • Queer characters
  • Characters of Color
  • Women MCs, especially in stories where romantic love, protecting a child, or rape/threat of rape are not her driving motivation.
  • Disabled characters
  • Science saves the day!
  • Far future
  • Stories set outside North America

Crossed Genres strongly encourages submissions from writers who identify as people of color, women, members of the QUILTBAG community, and others who are under-represented in SFF. It is our desire and intent to have diverse representation amongst our contributors and within our content. Please don’t wait for us to ask for them in a theme – we want diverse representation every month!

What do we not want? These things will be VERY hard sells:

  • Stories based off the assumption that any particular religion’s beliefs are real
  • Weak women being rescued by macho guys
  • “Science-as-villain”
  • Vampires, zombies or werewolves
  • Arthurian retellings
  • Eurocentric faeries
  • Time travel
  • Ghost stories

** New Author Spotlight **

CG Magazine reserves one story slot each month for an author who has never had a professional-rate sale* before. This is to ensure that CG Magazine will always be a welcoming and open market to new/unestablished authors.

In addition to publication, an author selected for our New Author Spotlight will be interviewed by Crossed Genres, with the interview featured on our website.

If you’re eligible for our New Author Spotlight, please check “Yes” on the submission form.

NOTE: The New Author Spotlight doesn’t mean we ONLY publish one story from a new author each month – we’re happy to fill an entire issue with new authors! The Spotlight is to guarantee that unestablished authors are never excluded from CG Magazine.


* “Professional” refers to any short fiction or poetry sale which paid at least 5¢ per word, or any novel sale which paid at least $2,000.


Submission form

Crossed Genres Magazine is closed to submissions.
Please read our announcement here.

Direct all queries to

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