Novel/Collection submissions

As of November 17 we are temporarily CLOSED to novel and collection submissions. We plan to re-open to submissions in late 2014.

Crossed Genres Publications is open to submissions for original, unpublished and complete novels or single-author short story collections. As of June 2013, we will consider submissions within any genres – Science Fiction and/or Fantasy, while still very welcome, are no longer required to submit novels or collections to CGP. However, we are specifically looking for submissions which blend multiple genres together.

NOTE: For collections, most of the stories must be unpublished. A few previously published stories are acceptable, but we are not looking to publish a collection of all or primarily reprints.

To submit your novel or collection, please use the submissions form at the bottom of this page. NOTE: Crossed Genres Publications does NOT accept Multiple or Simultaneous submissions.

Include in your submission:

Your personal contact information, including applicable credits, should be in the email’s body, along with the title and word count. Include a cover letter containing a detailed yet concise synopsis of your novel/collection, as well as the first ten (10) pages. DO NOT send the entire manuscript.


  • 50,000–100,000 words (FIRM. Longer or shorter manuscripts will be rejected without consideration.)
  • .doc, .docx or .rtf files only
  • 12 pt. Times New Roman or Arial (Courier is evil)
  • Single-spaced, line between paragraphs
  • Italics for italics, Bold for bold, etc.
  • Name, contact information and novel/collection’s word count on the first page of your submission.

Beyond the above we’re not picky, but please don’t get too “creative”: no blue paper/fonts, 18-pt Copperplate Gothic chapter titles, or 2-inch margins. (Yes, we have seen these.)

What are we looking for?

As mentioned above, we’re now considering submissions within any genres. We’re specifically looking for novels or collections which demonstrate a significant crossover between genres – as the name or our press suggests.

CGP has always been a press with a progressive bent. Bearing that in mind, here are some things we want to see MORE of:

  • Queer Main Characters
  • MC’s of Color
  • Women MC’s
  • Disabled MC’s
  • Science saves the day!
  • Far future
  • Stories set outside North America

Beyond that, there is no hard-and-fast rule; any story that follows the above guidelines will be considered.

What are we NOT looking for?

While CGP will consider any submissions, we’re unlikely to be interested in concepts which seek to build on currently popular themes. If you’ve described your novel as “[Bestselling Novel #1] meets [Bestselling Novel #2]”, it’s probably not what we’re looking for. The below will be very hard sells:

  • Stories based off the assumption that any particular religion’s beliefs are real
  • Weak women being rescued by macho guys
  • “Science-as-villain”
  • Vampires, zombies, werewolves, Arthurian retellings, Eurocentric faeries, or ghost stories
  • Time travel

Though it should go without saying, any submissions promoting discrimination, misogyny, bigotry, and/or hatred will be deleted without notice or consideration.

Compensation & Rights:

CGP will pay an advance of $2,000 for accepted novels or collections. Should the title earn out the advance, the author will receive royalties commensurate with industry standard.

Crossed Genres takes exclusive first worldwide English-language ebook and print rights for a period of three (3) years, with an option to extend.

Submit your novel or collection to CGP


(Submissions information current as of May 5, 2014)

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