Crossed Genres Magazine 2.0 now open to submissions

Jul 31st, 2012 | By | Category: News & Announcements

CG Magazine, resurrected and now paying SFWA-level rates, is open to fiction submissions!

  • Pay rate: $0.05 per word
  • Word limit: 1000-6000 (FIRM)
  • Stories must combine an aspect of Science Fiction and/or Fantasy with the current month’s theme.

The theme for CG Magazine Volume 2, Issue #1, is BOUNDARIES.

Boundaries are physical, psychological, emotional, and imaginary. Who we are can often be defined by how we respond to perceived boundaries – accept them; ignore them; sidestep them; confront them. Where do the boundaries we encounter shape the boundaries of our selves?

BOUNDARIES is open to submissions in August & September, and will be published in January 2013. [NOTE: Submissions for the first new issue will be open for TWO months, to allow more time for authors who discover our re-launch late. Following that, all themes will be open to submissions for one month.]

It’s back! Full guidelines here!

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