Decisions, decisions

Jun 5th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Decisions have been made! Not all of them, but we’ve decided on a few stories to accept. I’ll be sending out some emails tomorrow. Exciting!

I also read a few novella submissions. There were a couple interesting ideas, but nothing really grabbed me. Back to it tomorrow. If you’ve got a 20k-40k SF/F story, we’re still looking for them! And novels, too: 40k-100k, SF/F. I read a couple synopses of novel submissions today too, and one was intriguing enough that I’ll take a closer look at it tomorrow.

Kay and I were both pretty burned out from so much reading, so we took it easy tonight. Tomorrow it’s back to the grind: she’ll be working on transcribing and editing an interview that’ll be in issue 8, while I’ll be sending the aforementioned emails and then get to work on editing those stories. We’ll also both ponder our final choices for I8.

More Flash Fiction submissions came in today, too. There’s been a fairly decent response, so far. Remember, the deadline is June 14!

Oh, more Project Wonderful stuff today too. Interestingly, the single most successful ad I’ve had (by far) is placed on a site dedicated to transgender fiction. I wondered whether that was at all influenced by our plans for a GLBT issue (issue 12), but I doubt it. Hopefully anyone and everyone can come to CG and find something they’ll enjoy.

Speaking of advertising, Coilhouse magazine is offering small-business ad space! I so wish we could afford it, both for the potential publicity and to support them since they make an amazing magazine. But sadly, it’s $149 for an ad in one issue – which is cheap for what it is, but that’s over half of our total monthly budget! Someday… someday…

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  1. It must be excited to pick out stories for a magazine : ) … Did you start this magazine yourselves?

  2. suzame, yes – Kay and I created Crossed Genres ourselves. It was based on a previous idea of mine, Genre Challenge.

  3. That is very cool! : ) I hope you keep at it for a long time. I just found your website recently. And I can’t wait to read more stories!

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