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Jun 28th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

I think – and I’m knocking wood as I type this – that we can consider ourselves “caught up” on Issue 8.

Today I went from zero to finished with the .prc edition. I also went through the website page by page, found the pages that needed minor alterations on Release Day that I’d missed, and got them all prepped (I have the HTML written out in MS Word docs so I can just cut-and-paste them when the time comes). I also sized all the art for online, which I hadn’t gotten to yet.

The other thing I did today was get the pdf edition as ready as possible. I don’t have Acrobat (and we really can’t afford to spend $300 on it), so I can’t merge pdf files. Right now I have several pieces of the edition sized and converted to pdf; on Monday I’ll take them to the day job and do it there (it’s ridiculously quick, which makes me even more irritated that it’s the only thing I need to do that I can’t do on my own computer, and something so simple would cost so much to enable.)

So other than a couple things to do on Monday, I’ve only got little details left before Release Day. We haven’t gotten our proof of the print edition so we can’t approve it yet.

Late last night/early this morning we got in contact with someone who may contribute to our super-sized Issue 12. Since it’s not definite by any means yet (and months away besides) I won’t say who, but suffice to say we are overjoyed and honored by the prospect of this person participating.

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